Ulyanovsk Region to Complete Construction of Six Socially Significant Facilities in 2022

On 10 January, Governor Aleksey Russkikh and coordinators discussed the schedule and matters related to the projects' financing.

This year, the region is planning to put into operation kindergartens on Otradnaya and Shigaeva streets in the regional center, as well as the one in Sosnovka village. Other facilities include a community center in Dmitriyevo-Pomryaskino village, a school in Dimitrovgrad, and a football arena on Sholmova Street in Ulyanovsk.

“Due to the surge in building materials' prices last year, the estimated construction cost has changed, so the issue with financing is very important. The facilities must be commissioned on time. Measures have been taken both at the federal and regional levels to address this problem. The federal center has decided to reimburse some of the additional costs to the regions, and now we are working to attract co-investment. I have already given an order to the Ministry of Finance to provide additional funds for this case in the first adjustment to the regional budget,” said Aleksey Russkikh.

According to Konstantin Aleksich, Acting Minister of Construction and Architecture of Ulyanovsk Region, additional costs will be reimbursed in accordance with federal decree No. 13-15. To receive this funding, the regions must complete necessary calculations, undergo the state examination, and send an application to the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation with a request to provide resources from the federal budget.

The participants of the meeting also discussed applications to the federal center that departments responsible for the facilities' construction had to prepare. Currently, necessary document suites are in development. However, one project has already been successfully approved. Under it, the Reserve Fund of the Government of the Russian Federation will provide resources to cover extra costs connected with construction of the kindergarten on Otradnaya Street.

“We send data on the facilities to the federal agency every two weeks. Budget funds for additional financing are to be formed by March 2022. A corresponding decree has also been developed at the regional level to allocate necessary resources from the regional budget. As soon as this money becomes available, it will be included in the contracts and building companies will be able to complete their work,” explained the Head of the regional Ministry of Construction.