Alexey Russkikh: "We Must Offer Maximum Support to Domestic Manufacturers in New Economic Realities"

During the Made in Ulyanovsk Region forum, which took place on 15 April, the head of the region met with representatives of medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and discussed possibilities for rapid productivity growth in modern environment.

Alexey Russkikh said in his opening remarks, “We are developing comprehensive solutions for regional businesses that have to work under sanctions. I would like to thank our entrepreneurs who create unique and manufacture unique competitive products. For us, it is important to receive their feedback to develop our support system. The Ulyanovsk region has many production facilities - I visit them personally and talk to their management. All of them have a long-term investment programme for the next 5-10 years. Our task in the new economic realities is to change the deadlines and to bring these plans to fruition as fast as possible.”
The main goal of the meeting was to determine state support measures that would stimulate domestic investments and increase the output in the short term. Another important topic was import substitution and production of new goods connected with it.
Companies are primary in need of preferential loans. Governor Alexey Russkikh urged enterprises' management to use services of regional and federal industrial development funds.
“In 2021, seven enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region received loans at 1-3% per annum for development of their projects. The attracted funds amounted to over two billion rubles. The Federal Fund offers 11 different lending schemes, and we, in turn, are ready to help enterprises write and send necessary applications,” said Natalya Artemyeva, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund.
During the meeting, the regional Government also announced their plans to review requests for available production facilities and to provide expensive equipment that will be available to everyone in industrial and technology parks. Entrepreneurs will also receive help to develop cooperation, to speed up certification of their new products, to promote their goods, and to enter export markets.