Alexey Russkikh: "We Will Continue Implementing Major Infrastructure Projects in 2022"

On 20 April, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region reported to deputies of the Federal Assembly on the work done by the Government in 2021.

He noted that one of the focus areas is implementation of major infrastructure projects in the field of water-supply engineering, coast protection, and development and update of the Ulyanovsk region's road system.
In 2021, extensive work was carried out under the regional programme "Clean Water" and the project for local initiatives support. A record sum of about 500 million rubles was provided for these purposes. The quality of water supply was improved for 190 thousand residents in 163 settlements. Forty-six water intake facilities were repaired, fifty-nine new water towers were installed, and more than 116 km of pipelines were replaced.
Within the federal part of the project, a water tunnel was built from Arkhangelsk water intake to Oktyabrsky work settlement in Cherdaklinsky District. Under the integrated rural development programme, reconstruction of water pipelines has begun in Glotovka work settlement (Inzensky District) and Baevka village (Kuzovatovsky District). These activities are to be completed this year.
The region continued developing its traffic network in 2021. A new left-bank junction was opened on the President Bridge in Ulyanovsk, which significantly lessened the load of Dimitrovgradskoe Highway. A bridge was also built over the Seld River near Dachny village, and Staraya Yerykla - Yeryklinsky road was repaired (note: it connects Kuzovatovsky and Terengulsky districts).
In total, 160 km of roads were updated in the Ulyanovsk region at the year-end. The region also received additional funds from the federal budget amounting to more than 1.4 billion rubles. Thanks to them, more than 65 km of road segments were repaired in the region's municipalities.
In addition, the region started preparing for construction of two capital-intensive facilities in Ulyanovsk - first, a bridge over the Sviyaga at the intersection of Shevchenko and Smychki streets, and second, reconstruction of the pedestrian overpass over the Sviyaga along Minaeva Street. The work is currently underway.
Alexey Russkikh also talked about major long-term efforts to strengthen the Volga slope. At the end of last year, a draft of work specifications was prepared for construction of anti-landslide structures at the most problematic three-kilometer-long section of the Ulyanovsk coastline - from the President Bridge to Tukhachevsky Street. Currently, a tender is being held for development of design documentation. The construction is to begin in 2023.
In the future, it is planned to start coast protection activities in sectors from Tukhachevsky Street to Stepan Razin's Descent Street and further on to Karamzinka village. Work will be carried out on the total area of 17 km. After it, the slope will be significantly improved and an embankment will be built.