Governor Alexey Russkikh Introduces Several Initiatives to Promote Domestic Tourism in Volga Region

The head of the region took part in the meeting of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development, which was held on 24 June as part of Cheboksary Economic Forum.

Several other people also spoke at the roundtable discussion. They include Sangadji Tarbaev (Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development), Oleg Nikolayev (Head of the Chuvash Republic), deputies of the State Duma, management of the Tourism.RF Corporation ("Туризм.рф"), and representatives of the tourism sector in Moscow, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Nizhny Novgorod region.

As noted by Alexey Russkikh, all territories of the Volga Region currently have one common objective - to attract the maximum number of tourists. For this purpose, it is mecessary to develop joint initiatives in the field of culture and tourism. The head of the region presented a number of proposals for the development of river tourism that can accelerate implementation of the new federal project "The Great Volga River Route".

“The Ulyanovsk region and the Chuvash Republic already have a lot of positive experience in implementation of joint projects, and they have an active agreement on cooperation in various fields. The interregional tourism project "The Great Volga River Route", which includes five regions of the Volga Federal District, aims to give new impetus to our interaction. One of the project's priorities is restoration of the passenger transportation system along the Volga. This is especially true for the Ulyanovsk region. To speed up implementation of the project, I think we must introduce additional federal mechanisms that will help regions purchase river transport and build port infrastructure and quay walls. We will definitely send our proposals to the relevant committee of the State Duma to have them included in the new bill on river tourism,” said Alexey Russkikh.

Sangadji Tarbaev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development, suggested including the Ulyanovsk region in the working group for development of the aforementioned document.

During his speech, Alexey Russkikh stressed that the Ulyanovsk region had joined the Volga Journey route, which brought together 7 territories of the Volga Federal District. As part of the project, the region is ready to demonstrate tourists its unique geopark "Undoria". Alexey Russkikh and Dmitry Chernyshenko (Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation) had discussed development of the geopark's master plan earlier during SPIEF 2022.

During the roundtable discussion, Alexey Russkikh also addressed Sergey Krasnoperov, Executive Director at Tourism.RF Corporation, with a request to assist with the task. The Governor of Ulyanovsk Region stressed that one must expand Undory Paleontological Museum. To address this issue, the region counts on support of its federal colleagues.

Oleg Nikolaev, Head of the Chuvash Republic, emphasized in his speech the importance of The Great Volga River Route project for development of domestic tourism in the Volga Federal District and revival of the Volga River in general.

He summarized, “It is very important for us to ensure sustainability while revitalizing the Volga. This challenge can be met through implementation of the ESG project, which makes it possible to use the Volga's water offshore areas as a carbon polygon. This will help us promote both tourism and environmental awareness, as well as achieve a low carbon footprint.”