The Volga Federal District's first helicopter center to open in the Ulyanovsk region

On September 15, in the region a multipurpose helicopter complex "Heliport Ulyanovsk" was put into operation. The Governor Sergey Morozov and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Heliports Russia" Alexander Khrustalyov took part in the event.

 According to the experts of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, the new helicopter center will render a full range of services for deployment of aircraft, as well as distribution, lease and maintenance of helicopters. Within its territory, a training center for pilots will be created.

"Today it is important to us to open a helicopter complex specifically in the Ulyanovsk region. First, this is the main aviation capital of Russia. Secondly, the region is rapidly developing. While we were building our center, just within 2 years a big residential district has grown near it. Commercial and social objects are under construction and some of them have already opened their doors. Thirdly, here very convenient business conditions have been created and all issues are quickly resolved", - Alexander Hrustalyov said.

Project investments totaled about 300 million rubles. Currently 15 people are working in the center. The investor intends to continue development of the project and to further increase the number of workplaces up to 40. At the moment, the territory of the helicopter complex "Heliport Ulyanovsk" is fully ready to provide service to customers. There are platforms for take-off and landing of aircrafts, hangars for storage of aviation equipment, and a fueling complex.

The helicopter complex will allow to solve a number of social problems, including transportation of medical staff to districts of the region, monitoring of forests and farmlands.

"In the Ulyanovsk region there are 1.5 million hectares of woods. Specifications of land patrol do not allow to see the whole picture of a wildfire or to identificate fire sources. And then it is necessary to use aircrafts. Localization of such a company, which we will be able to deploy in case we need it, will allow to save budgetary funds. Losses from wildfires are estimated at billion rubles. Leasing a helicopter for one occasion will not exceed the sum spent on land patrol performed by 10 vehicles and 20 workers. In some cases it will be even cheaper", - said Alexander Bratyakov, the provisional Minister of Rural, Forestry and Natural resources of the Ulyanovsk region.

As a reference:

Heliports Russia is a project on creation of the largest network of helicopter complexes in Russian regions. Its main objective is development of a new business model of traffic network, which will connect the entire country and will also present important opportunities for general aviation. Introduction of multipurpose helicopter complexes in regions opens new opportunities and growth point for the leading sectors of economy. It will ensure creation of new highly qualified jobs, investments into training of aviation specialists, and development of internal tourism. It will also allow to use the existing complexes for medical purposes and monitoring of the area, as well as such spheres as agriculture and construction.

Heliport Ulyanovsk is part of the national helicopter network of Heliport Russia. Today it includes 10 helicopter complexes throughout the country. In the future, new grounds will be opened in the largest cities of the country: St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi and in the Crimea.