Sergey Morozov to be recognized as the elected Governor of the Ulyanovsk region

The Chairman of the Regional Election Committee Yury Andrienko handed election notification to the head of the region. The previous day the regional committee held a wrap-up session on the results of election-2016.

 During the meeting, which took place on 20 September in the Governor Administration, results of the election campaign were discussed. The head of the Regional Election Committee noted that the per cent of voter turnout in the Ulyanovsk region was one of the highest in the country and exceeded average indicators among the regions. In total, 47.2% of voters from the Volga Federal District took part in the elections. According to him, voter turnout in the Ulyanovsk region totaled 52.29%, which means that 527978 inhabitants of the region came to polling stations.

"All elections held in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region were found to be valid. It is the main outcome of our work. On 19 September at 17:23 the election committee signed a minutes on voting results. According to the document, Sergey Morozov is the elected Governor of the Ulyanovsk region. After publication of the minutes, a committee session will be held on which we will consider registration of the elected candidate as the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region", - Yury Andriyenko noted.

Sergey Morozov in turn invited the head of the regional election committee to the meeting with participants of the last election campaign. According to the head of the region, it is planned to discuss voting results and further development of the region with participants of the election campaign.

"We invited to the meeting leaders of the regional branches of parties, candidates for the position of Governor and deputies of the State Duma who were elected from the Ulyanovsk region. Of course, for me it is very important to discuss with them election campaigning and its results, as well as our further interaction. I plan to talk about recommendations of my colleagues regarding personnel decisions, maybe even changes in the strategy and development programme of the Ulyanovsk region. I think that such communication will be equally useful for all participants of the meeting and will provide us with an opportunity to improve social and economic development of the region", - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

At the bilateral meeting integrity of the electoral process was also discussed. As Yury Andriyenko informed Sergey Morozov, on the voting day in the Ulyanovsk region only three complaints were noted. It is an unprecedented low indicator.