Investment in the regional economy will amount to more than 2,5 billion rubles

It became possible thanks to the agreements signed at the International Investment Forum "Sochi-2016".

 Delegation of the Ulyanovsk region headed by the Governor Sergey Morozov worked at the forum from 29 to 30 September. During this time was able to hold a number of meetings and negotiations, as well as to sign new agreements in a variety of industries.

So, an arrangement was signed with Legrand on construction of the Ulyanovsk region's second plant for production of electrical components. In addition, two Russian companies announced their intentions on implementation of the projects in the territory of the region.

NPO Roskompozit plans to manufacture goods from polymeric and composite materials. ZAO Sozidaniye intends to produce modern fire-resistant hydraulic oils. The total amount of investment is supposed to exceed 2,5 billion rubles.  About 400 new workplaces will be created for residents of the Ulyanovsk region.

The delegation also carried out negotiations with Iranian partners also, during which implementation of a large project on cultivation and processing of berries was discussed.

Within the forum, Sergey Morozov's meeting with the management of the Fortum company took place, at which the prospects for the development of wind power industry in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region were considered. The parties discussed implementation details of the signed contract on construction of a wind farm with capacity of 35 MW in the territory of the region. They also examined the possibility of its further expansion up to 300 MW.

Signing of a special investment contract between the Government of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Ulyanovsk region and the German-Japanese concern DMG MORI, which took place in the presence of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov, became the key part of the event.

Sergey Morozov noted that the special investment contract is a new tool for the Russian economy, which allows to provide long-term guarantees to partners. Authorities commit to keeping the preferential rules for implementation of the investment project, and the investor guarantees release of a certain number of modern machines for the Russian industry.

"Today a special investment contract is the most effective instrument of implementation of mutual guarantees between a state and a foreign investor that helps to maintain trust between the parties and to ensure demand for the goods produced by the investor", - Sergey Morozov added.

The head of the region also became an expert of the session "Russia - Germany: new modes of cooperation amid the crisis conditions". Sergey Morozov presented achievements of joint work of the Ulyanovsk region and Germany regarding business development and the industry.

"There is no reason yet to talk about decrease in interest for cooperation from the German business or from our side. Today among our foreign partners Germany takes the third place on amount of goods turnover and import of products. Investors continue to build their enterprises in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region. Over the last two years several high-quality productions have been put into operation. Among them are such companies as Sheffler, Jokey Plastik, DMG MORI. Thanks to them, about 550 residents of the region and the regional center have an opportunity to work and receive a decent salary", - Sergey Morozov noted.

The investors, who attended the forum, noted repeatedly the progress of the Ulyanovsk region in attraction of new enterprises into its territory and creation of a favorable business environment.

"Over the course of our work we ensured a solid businesslike dialog with the authorities of the Ulyanovsk region. It is very comfortable for us to operate here. We discuss both the current activities and emerging issues. The Government of the region cares for all our requests and wishes and helps to solve all our problems", - noted Mikhail Volkov, the General Manager of Schaeffler Manufacturing RUS.

During the work at the Forum's venues, the head of the region held a number of negotiations with representatives of the Russian Government and heads of the enterprises. Among them was the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Siberian Federal District Sergey Menyaylo, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation Mikhail Men, the Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov, the President of the Eurocement Group Holding Mikhail Skorokhod, the Chairman of the Board of the Central Union of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation (Cetrosojuz) Dmitry Zubov and others.