The Ulyanovsk pupils became silver medal winners of the open Iranian International Academic Olympics on geometry

In late September, mathematical competitions took place at the same time in 31 countries.

 These Academic Olympics are among the most prestigious mathematical tournaments. This year about 2,5 thousand pupils from China, Brazil, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Peru, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and other countries participated in it. In Russia, the Sirius Educational Centre in Sochi became one of the platforms where students from more than 25 regions of the country took part in the event.

"Among them were also Ulyanovsk pupils Alexey Vlasov (Lyceum No.20) and Alexander Odnakov (Gymnasium No.34). Following the results of the event, both won silver medals according to the international rating. It is a very good result for our students. Mathematical competitions were rather difficult. And we were especially amazed by Alexey Vlasov, a 7th grade pupil, who completed tasks created for the 9th grade students!", - commented Leonid Samoylov, a professor of ULGU, the research supervisor of the students who took part in the competitions.

The Academic Olympics were held in written form and included five tasks. Participants had 4,5 hours to complete them. From each country four best results were selected.

According to the Acting First Deputy Prime Minister - the Minister of Education and Science of the region Ekaterina Uba, the Ulyanovsk region is famous for gifted students and their achievements in mathematics at the All-Russian and international levels.

"It is not the first time when the Ulyanovsk students take prizes in various intellectual competitions. This summer a pupil from the Gymnasium No.1 Mikhail Germanskov received a diploma of the first degree of the open All-Russian Academic Olympics on geometry. Representatives of some other countries also took part in this event. In addition, following the results of the final stage of the All-Russian Academic Olympics among schoolchildren, this year our students were also among the medalists. Currently the school stage of these Academic Olympics has started", - Ekaterina Uba noted.

We would like to remind that in the region a whole range of measures for identification and support of talented children is implemented upon an initiative of the Governor Sergey Morozov. This includes work of Youth Academies, summer camps, as well as thematic tournaments and Academic Olympics. At the moment, the school stage of the All-Russian Olympic Games 2016-2017 among schoolchildren has started in the region.