Team of the Ulyanovsk State Technical University went into the semifinals of the Programming Contest World Cup

The XIX quarterfinals of the team Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) took place on 18 October in Saratov. Seventy-three groups from twenty-five universities of Russia took part in it. One of three teams representing the Ulyanovsk region, Ulyanovsk STU #1, took the eighth place and made it into the semifinals, which will be held at the beginning of December in St. Petersburg.

 According to the experts of IT Development Corporation, the team, which was ranked so high in the championship, included students from the Information Systems and Technologies Department of ULGTU: Maxim Kashichkin, Evgeny Kondratyev and Daniil Gorshkov. The second and third teams of ULGTU almost completely consisted almost entirely of students participating in the Programming Contest for the first time.

"I was interested in programming ever since I was at school and so I decided to devote all my life to IT. This is the third time I come into the semifinal of the World Cup. However, this is the first year when our team is ranked so high, - a fourth year student of FIST ULGTU Evgeny Kondratyev said. - The largest IT companies, such as Yandex, IBM, and many others are closely following results of the ACM ICPC championship. The best programmers will be offered a job".

"For five years I have been a participant of this championship and I became a semifinalist four times. Teams are given 5 hours to solve 10-12 programming tasks and all of them are automatically checked, - the coach of the Ulyanovsk teams, the teaching assistant of the Department of Computer Science of ULGTU, the four-time semifinalist of the Programming Contest World Cup Vladimir Folunin said. - Last year the Ulyanovsk team took the 35th place in the semifinals, and more than 1000 people took part in the competition itself. Participation in such a championship is an excellent start for novice programmers. One of the teams of our Technical University managed to stand ahead of strong rivals such as four teams of the Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, five teams of the Innopolis University, three teams of the Southern Federal University, and many others".

In the region, particularly much attention is given to training of young professionals for sunrise industries, including the IT one. Heads of IT companies provide free courses for the students willing to commit themselves to the IT sphere. We also organize IT classes, lessons in the Children's Technical Creativity Centers, as well as regularly carry out regional open programming championships.

"Such great accomplishments of our children once again confirm the high level of IT development in the region and that great work is performed on training of young people for the IT sphere, - the Director of the IT Development Corporation Svetlana Openysheva mentioned. - I am sure that in the future our students will continue winning and they, of course, will be able to reach their full potential by working in the Ulyanovsk companies".

As a reference:

The ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest is carried out under the auspices of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Since 1989, Baylor University organizes the competition. At various times, the largest international companies (such as Apple, AT&T and Microsoft) became sponsors of the Contest.

The teams of ULGTU that took part in the ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest:

- Ulyanovsk STU #1 (newly composed): Maxim Kashichkin, a student of the second year of the Master's programme; Evgeny Kondratyev, a student of the fourth year of the Bachelor's programme; Daniil Gorshkov, a student of the third year of the Bachelor's programme.

- Ulyanovsk STU #2: Igor Muravyyov, a student of the second year of the Master's programme (6th year); Roman Shakurov, a student of the third year of the Bachelor's programme; Vladislav Pecherkin, a student of the second year of the Bachelor's programme.

- Ulyanovsk STU #3: Maxim Shlyamov, a student of the first year of the Bachelor's programme; Alyona Krebs, a student of the first year of the Bachelor's programme; Stanislav Maslov, a student of the first year of the Bachelor's programme.