Strategy for Accelerated Industrial and Innovation Development of the Region to be designed in the Ulyanovsk region

The document aims to create favorable conditions for modernization and increase of competitiveness of the existing productions, as well as stimulation of innovative activities of the regional business.

 By order of the Governor Sergey Morozov, Scientific-Research Institute of Regional Economy carried out development of the strategy together with the leading experts and representatives of industrial community.

According to the experts of the regional Ministry of Economic Development and Competition, one of the strategy's main tasks is to create favorable conditions for modernization and diversification of   manufacturing industry, to increase contribution of small- and medium-sized enterprises to the regional economy, to strengthen social efficiency of priority economic sectors.

The document includes the main approaches designed in the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Ulyanovsk region to 2030 - a State Programme on formation of favorable investment climate - and in some other relevant statutory regulations.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region Oleg Asmus, achievement of targets set in the Strategy will not only help to keep stable industrial development in the region but also bring its economy to higher levels.

"As a result of the Strategy implementation in the sphere of processing industry, by 2020 we will achieve growth of the volume of output by 25%. The gross added value will increase by at least 1.4 times and indicators of the agro-industrial complex will go up to at least twice the present level. In addition, we expect that the share of innovation-active enterprises will increase by 8%," - Oleg Asmus emphasized. According to the dedicated experts, one can also expect growth in the field of aviation industry. It is planned that by 2020 the sales volume will increase by three times. "We also predict that shipping volume in the sphere of automobile and instrument making industries will go up by 20% and 30% respectively", - added Sergey Savelyev, the Deputy Head of the Department of Industry of the Ministry for Industry, Construction, Housing and Public Utilities, and Transport of the Ulyanovsk region.

"We carried out monitoring of the status and trends in the leading countries of the world where Industrial Development Programmes have been implemented. According to it, they focus on sectoral development because it contributes to the growth of competitive branches. That proves yet again that the Ulyanovsk region is heading in the right direction", - noted Oleg Yagfarov, the head of the Academic and Research Institute for Problems of Regional Economy.

In addition, while developing the Strategy of the Ulyanovsk region five priority sectors of economy - alternative energy, biofuel, information technology, medical equipment and eHealth, pharmaceutics - were considered. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin defined them during the session of the Commission for Modernization of Russian economy in 2009. All these trends are being developed in the region and their impementation has already started within the National Technology Initiative. So, for example, alternative energy is the sunrise industry for the Ulyanovsk region. The region became the first place in Russia where construction of a wind farm has started.

In the first nine months of 2016, in the Ulyanovsk region one can see growth of the processing industry's main components, which include production of machines and equipment (126.2%), as well as rubber and plastic goods (145.7%).