Specialized Center for Business to be launched in the Ulyanovsk region

On 17 November, the Governor Sergey Morozov became personally familiar with the services of MFCB (Multifunctional Center for Business), which was located in the territory of the Zavolzhye Industrial Park in the House of Entrepreneur.

 According to the experts of the regional Corporation for Enterprise Development, the Ulyanovsk region MFCB is one of the very few in the country created as a full-scale "business office". Here entrepreneurs can access more than one hundred public and municipal services, as well as use the ones of the Industrial Development Fund, the Export Support Center, the land and property center and other relevant organizations. Currently MFCB provides only some part of services; it will become fully operational in January 2017.

As the head of the region noted, establishment of such a Center is another step in development of the Ulyanovsk region entrepreneurship. "Just over the last 9 months about six thousand new enterprises of small and medium business were launched in the region. For residents of the Ulyanovsk region no less than 10 thousand new jobs were created. We are doing everything possible to create the most comfortable conditions for business activities. For this purpose, we have developed the Standard of a Favourable Business Climate and created the Industrial Development Fund. A one stop Business Project Support Centre is expanding at the premises of the Corporation for Enterprise Development. Launch of the specialized MFC will allow to consolidate all necessary services and supportive measure for entrepreneurs under one roof.  This will help them to overcome difficulties and to solve daily problems more quickly", - Sergey Morozov said.

The Governor also emphasized the need to create sub-offices of the MFC for Business in Ulyanovsk and Dimitrovgrad districts, and by 2019 - in all municipalities of the region.

In MFCB ten specialized windows will operate. Experts will help people starting a business to choose the form of business organization and system of taxation, to submit documents for registration. Businesspeople will be also provided with complete information about tax and property preferences, as well as reporting period. In the Center an entrepreneur will be able to get detailed information on the       licensing procedure in the sphere of medicine, education, retail trade of alcoholic products, passenger traffic (including a taxi), and to submit documents for its registration.

"The MFCB collected all services necessary for an entrepreneur and presented them in the state format. Having come to the Center, a businessperson will be able to obtain detailed sequence of actions in various situations: from the choice of the organizational and legal form to becoming a part of retail chains. One of the main reasons to create the MFCB was to reduce the number of mistakes during preparation of documents. In particular, to minimize the amount of services denial. For this reason experts carry out full verification of document and check their accuracy before they are submitted for processing", - noted Ruslan Gaynetdinov, the Chairman of the Board of the Corporation for Enterprise Development of Ulyanovsk Region.

In addition, the MFCB will provide unique services that are not included in the list of state and municipal ones. They will include accession to engineering infrastructure, processing of land and property legal documents, change order of land plot purpose, cadastral registration of an object, as well as building licensing.

"We opened in 2015. We did not encounter any serious difficulties and have already been consulted by the Corporation for Enterprise Development. I think establishment of such a one-stop-shop service as this Center is very convenient and here we will be able to receive all relevant information and services", - said Renat Piriyev, an independent entrepreneur, the founder of a men's hair salon (barbershop) "Clinch".

As a reference:

MFC for Business is located at 9 Engineer Drive, Building 4 in the House of Entrepreneur. For enquiries, call (8422) 41-45-82.