Governor Sergey Morozov presented experience of the Ulyanovsk region at the IV International Forum "Antikontrafakt-2016"

On 22 November, the head of the region made a report at the plenary session in Yerevan.

 Sergey Morozov participated in the forum as a member of the Russian delegation, which was headed by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.

According to the head of MIT-Russia, today in the country the illegal trafficking in products ranges from 5 to 30%. All this causes significant damage to the Russian economy, as well as the life and health of the country's population.

"In the context of the common economic space and porous borders the problem of a counterfeit goods can become even more extreme. To prevent this from happening, all participants of EAEC shall become the principal guarantor of protection of the common market. It is necessary to build a single anti-counterfeit system, which will run just like a perfectly tuned engine and work on all supply chains of illegal goods flow throughout the EEU space", - Denis Manturov emphasized.

The Governor noted in his remarks that for the most effective counteraction to counterfeit distribution within the Eurasian Economic Union it is necessary to combine capacities of regions, business, and national states.

"We need to develop a single inter-agency information analysis network, which will include data on documented cases of counterfeit products transfer across the Customs border and trafficking of such goods within domestic markets of different countries", - Sergey Morozov noted.

According to him, cooperation between law-enforcement agencies, regional authorities and business has been established in the region in order to deal with counterfeit products. "In the Ulyanovsk region the industrial sector provides more than 50% of the Gross Regional Product. This includes aircraft engineering, car manufacturing, machine-tool building, and everything related to nuclear and IT technologies. Quality, safety and protection against unfair and illegal competitors, as well as counterfeit manufacturers, is what helps these industries to develop. Thanks to the constructive work based on the best practices from different countries, in 2015-2016 we removed over 23 thousand products and 35 thousand components that used such trademarks as AvtoVAZ, UAZ, DAAZ. In other words, all these goods are related to the safety of transport. Just in the first six months of 2016 we initiated 43 criminal cases in the sphere of illegal trafficking and 337 ones on administrative offences", - the head of the region emphasized.

In the Ulyanovsk region, much work is being done to prevent counterfeit goods from entering the pharmaceutical market and reaching medical facilities of the region. According to the dedicated experts, a system for supply of medical products with the use of warehouses has been implemented in the region since 2008. All goods, which are provided to the medical network, are subject to mandatory       examination for compliance with the quality requirements by the experts of JSC UlyanovskFarmatsia. One of the key tasks is to completely exclude the possibility of faked medicines making their way to hospitals. By today, experts of UlyanovskFarmatsia has developed an information retrieval program BRAK. It allows to reveal faulty and falsified medicines and medical products at the stage of inspection processes in a timely manner.

According to the Director-General of JSC UlyanovskFarmatsia Olga Kuznetsova, just during the first ten months of the current year, 863 batches of sub-standard medicaments, 69 batches of medical products and 49 batches of other pharmacy market's items were withdrawn from circulation and prevented from being used for intended purposes.