The Ulyanovsk region is one of the leaders on favorable investment climate

On 9 December, the Vice-President of the All-Russia business association "Delovaya Rossiya" (Business Russia) Ilya Syomin praised activities of the regional Government at the VIII All-Russian Business Forum "Business Climate in Russia".

 "For us, Ulyanovsk has always been the territory of the best practices. We analyze, study and use data provided by the work of project offices and the Corporation for Enterprise Development, as well as stimulation of municipalities. Then we present the results as scalable ideas at the federal level. Special attention should be paid to the experience of the Ulyanovsk region regarding implementation of tax benefits for business and a risk-oriented model for means of control and supervision", - the Vice-President noted.

According to the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov, in order to establish a favorable business climate in the region it is necessary to provide the maximum freedom to entrepreneurial initiative. "These days it is important to find additional opportunities for business development. This includes expansion of corporative relations in regions, particularly incorporation of local small business in production chains of large enterprises. Development of modern services for business should also help to maintain comfortable entrepreneurial environment. For this purpose, recently we have launched a specialized Multipurpose Center, and in 2017 we intend to develop a whole network of multifunctional centers in municipal districts of the region", - the head of the region emphasized.

The Governor also noted the need to develop export-oriented enterprises and establishment of lasting international links. The Middle East, in particular, the Islamic Republic of Iran, where the head of the region is currently on a working trip, will become one of such directions. This country will become a pilot platform for implementation of the Ulanovsk Region Association of Business's project on creation of a logistic hub in order to unify trade flows of regions of the European Russia and to send them abroad. "This logistic project already has huge potential and promises great outcomes. Thanks to the unique "Great Volga River Route", the Ulyanovsk region can become one of the leading export centers of the Volga Federal District and of Russia in general", - Ilya Syomin explained.

The Business Forum "Business Climate in Russia" takes place in the Ulyanovsk region for the eighth time and it has proved itself, even at the federal level, as an effective tool for development of initiatives on improvement of entrepreneurial environment. Reform of supervisory system and, in particular, implementation of the risk oriented approach, which has been carried out in the region since 2015, became a notable example of success. In the last message to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin mentioned the need to apply a similar reform all over the country. In addition, new approach to activities of regulatory bodies was also the major discussion issue at the last Forum and was  praised by participants.

In general, as the Chairman of the Board of the Corporation for Enterprise Development of Ulyanovsk Region Ruslan Gaynetdinov noted, five various documents were signed at the Forum venues, including the ones designed to strengthen export-oriented enterprises of the region. Among them is an agreement on cooperation with the Republic of Tatarstan; a four-way agreement between public associations of entrepreneurs, the Regional Corporation for Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development and the Ulyanovsk customs office; an agreement with the Russian Union of Innovation and Technology Centres (RuITC); an agreement between the Cluster Development Center and the similar one of the Samara region, which will allow innovative companies to attract additional sources of funding for their projects.