Ulyanovsk region to develop diversified cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Governor Sergey Morozov led a regional delegation, which went on a working trip to Iran between 12 and 15 December.

 The CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation Sergey Vasin, the Deputy Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Margarita Evarestova, and representatives of the Ulyanovsk business also represented the Ulyanovsk region.

On 12 December, the Governor visited manufacturing enterprise of one of potential business partners of the Ulyanovsk region. An Iranian company, which makes composite containers for storage and transportation of compressed gases, considers our region as a possible place for localization of its production facilities. The head of the region expressed intention to provide Iranian entrepreneurs with all possible support. "This interaction is beneficial for both the Iranian and the Russian side. Having implemented this project, we will create an enterprise, which will be unique for our market and will become a great taxpayer. It will also help to strengthen international relations and create new jobs. Even though our cooperation will be quite brief, we have already had an opportunity to see reliability of our Iranian partners. We have centuries-old connections both in economy and culture because we have been living here side by side for many years", - Sergey Morozov noted.

On the same day, the regional delegation met with the Mayor of Qom Reza Sayyar (this city is one of the largest industrial, religious and cultural centers in Iran). "We are very happy to see intensive development of bilateral cooperation, including the one in the field of trade and economy, between Iran and the Russian Federation. Presidents of our countries have already met nine times. It is very important to strengthen interaction between Russian and Iranian regions, to create favorable working environment for representatives of business communities of our countries. We, political leaders of the regions, can lay a great foundation for development of cooperation and provide support to these relations", - the mayor noted.

He also added that the Ulyanovsk region and Qom's cooperation has particularly great potential in such spheres as industry, trade and tourism. Mr. Sayyar proposed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between regions in the framework set by the parties. The Ulyanovsk region supported this idea.

"We are working with Iran in the field of nuclear technologies, automotive industry, logistics and trade, but we think that it is not enough. For this reason, we are planning to sign a number of agreements with our Iranian partners on establishment of several enterprises in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region. We also intend to develop cooperation in the sphere of machine-tool industry and IT technologies, metallurgy, agricultural and industrial complex and other industries. We are ready to design a project of a large logistics center for these purposes that will be located within our territory. In addition, we will be happy to place our own facilities here, in Qom", - Sergey Morozov noted.

The delegation of the Ulyanovsk region also held an expanded meeting with business representatives of the Qom province and heads of the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During the event, the CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation Sergey Vasin made a presentation of the region. Russian and Iranian businesspeople shared their ideas about possible cooperation. Special focus was made on interaction in the sphere of agricultural and industrial complex.

"We have several business proposals for Iranian companies that intend to implement their projects in the field of agricultural industry. It is possible to lease public lands or to buy private acreage in the Ulyanovsk region on favourable terms. We already have preliminary arrangements in this respect with our partners from Iran. I think that this cooperation will be successful", - Sergey Vasin noted.

We would like to remind that active work on establishment of trade and economic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran started in the Ulyanovsk region in the spring of 2016. Currently the Export Support Center of the Ulyanovsk region Corporation for Enterprise Development is researching all possible ways for Ulyanovsk enterprises to enter the market of the Islamic Republic of Iran. At the same time, it is necessary to working out appropriate payment methods and logistics channels for shipping of goods to Iran. For this purpose, a project of a logistics hub is under development in the region. It is planned to increase capacities of the port on the Volga River in order to load ships with additional groupage cargo. The project is to be completed by 2017-2018. Even today convenient logistics allows to deliver cargo (grain and iron and steel scrap) via key ports directly to Iran along the Ulyanovsk-Astrakhan-Anzali route. Trade Mission of the Ulyanovsk region has already been placed in the premises of GTI International in Iran. It is located within a free economic zone.  A logistics terminal is also functioning. In the Ulyanovsk region, brokers complete import formalities and perform customs clearing of cargo within 3-4 hours. Grain, construction materials, and processing equipment will become the main export and import goods that the hub will work with. It will be possible to dispatch cargo in the form of production or groupage batches.

Cooperation in the sphere of high technologies, instrument making, woodworking and construction industry is also developing.