Experience of the Ulyanovsk region on interaction with the Islamic Republic of Iran was provided as an example at the Russian-Iranian business forum

The Governor Sergey Morozov made a speech at the plenary meeting "Russia-Iran: Diversifying Bilateral Trade and Economic Relations", which took place in Tehran on 13 December.

 Before Sergey Morozov's report, the Head of the Economic Programme (Russia 24 TV Channel) Alexey Bobrovsky, who acted as a coordinator of this event, noted that the Ulyanovsk region is one of the leaders of the rating on investment appeal and is one of the best representatives of the Russian regions.

The Governor emphasized that relations between Russia and Iran have great potential for development, especially in the sphere of regional cooperation, thanks to implementation of joint projects in the field of automotive engineering, aircraft industry, machine-tool manufacture, metalconstruction, chemical and mechanical engineering, ship repairing, innovations, IT and etc. According to Sergey Morozov, there are all prerequisites for this. First of all, specific legislation has been developed, which grants certain privileges and guarantees to business for up to 49 years. In addition, in the region, an effective system on monitoring of investment and export has been created, as well as infrastructure completed with all the necessary for implementation of investment projects. Management teams has also been established. All this helps foreign partners to run their business successfully in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region.

"I think it is very important that intergovernmental commission is actively developing regional collaboration. For the Ulyanovsk region cooperation with Iran dates from the start of the 18th century. It is a welcome fact that these traditions are being promoted today. In recent years, trade and economic relations between Ulyanovsk and Iranian business have gained momentum, first of all, in such spheres as agricultural and industrial complex, logistics and trade. They will soon include both automotive industry and information technologies. One fact will be enough to prove it. The region's foreign trade turnover has increased by 98 times this year alone. This indicator was quite high even in 2015. Undoubtedly, the opening of our Representative Office in Iran contributed to this growth. The Ulyanovsk region's House of Commerce will officially begin its operations here in the nearest future", - the Governor emphasized.

Event participants also included: the Minister of Communications and Information Technology in the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Vaezi; the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak; the President of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gholam Hossein Shafei; the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Russian Federation Mehdi Sanai; the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Islamic Republic of Iran Levan Dzhagaryan; the Director-General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Andrey Nikitin; the Chairmen of the Russian-Iranian Chamber of Commerce Asadollah Asgaroladi; Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Georgy Kalamanov. They will be joined by the Director of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Konstantin Zubanov, the Executive Director of the Russian Export Center Alexey Tyupanov, as well as representatives of Russian and Iranian business in various branches of agricultural and industrial complex, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, woodworking, banking services and others.

The main topic of the discussion was how to realise the potential of trade and economic relations between two countries. In his speach, the Director-General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Andrey Nikitin identified areas of work that, in his opinion, may become the key ones for development of collaboration between Russia and Iran. These include implementation of the National Technology Initiative, training of qualified personnel for the industry (in cooperation with WorldSkills), as well as maximum elimination of all barriers to business development. As Andrey Nikitin noted, four years ago Russia took the one hundred and twenty-fourth place in the rating of the World Bank in terms of simplicity of doing business. Today, according to the international assessment, our country is ranked the fortieth. This is a better result than, for example, the one of Italy.

"In Russia, simplicity of doing business differs from region to region. Now our efforts are focused on how to improve business environment in all regions as much as possible in order to create the most comfortable conditions for investment attraction to all parts of our country. Colleagues from the Ulyanovsk region, from the Volgograd region, even from the Kaliningrad region, which is the western outpost of Russia, - all of them came to the Forum. This means that our whole country is interested in working with Iran and Iranian companies. We have different regions. Some of them have a more developed set of agricultural technologies; others are working in the IT sphere. It seems to me that now is an excellent time to establish cooperation on specific investment projects", - Andrey Nikitin emphasized.

The delegation of the Ulyanovsk region is working in the Islamic Republic of Iran from 12 to 15 December. So far, several agreements have been signed with the Iranian companies and successful meetings have been held with representatives of business and government. Work of the Ulyanovsk region has been highly praised by all participants of the Russian-Iranian business forum.