Ulyanovsk region to develop relations with Shirak Marz, the Republic of Armenia, in the field of industry, agriculture and others

This was agreed by Sergey Morozov and the Governor of Shirak Marz (province) Ovsep Simonyan during a working meeting, which took place in Ulyanovsk on 19 January. The head of the Shirak Marz Governor's Secretariat Grigory Papoyan and the Assistant to the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Ekaterina Smoroda also participated in the event.

 The parties discussed further cooperation that was stated in the agreement signed in Yerevan in November 2016 during a visit of the Ulyanovsk region delegation.

The Governor noted importance of Ovsep Simonyan's personal participation in strengthening of interaction between Shirak Marz and the Ulyanovsk region. "We have set a concrete action plan. It is extremely important to build cooperation between our technological parks in the nearest future. We know that high technology is quickly developing in Shirak Marz. This direction has high priority to us too, so it would be the right decision to establish cooperation in this field. It is also important to build up relationships in industry. Currently we are caring out a large-scale modernization and we annually build up to twenty large enterprises, which actively work in the sphere of export and produce a great variety of goods: from machines and equipment to planes and cars. Many items, which are in high demand in Russia, are manufactured in Armenia. Of course, it would be nice if we continued cooperation in the field of education, culture. I am sure that we have very interesting joint work ahead", - Sergey Morozov said.

Ovsep Simonyan emphasized stability of the Ulyanovsk region and Shirak Marz's relationships and expressed confidence in productivity of further cooperation between regions. "I am very pleased that there is great friendship between Russia and Armenia at the national level. It also unites our regions. The government of the Ulyanovsk region is passionate about developing good and harmonious relations between the people. We know that here more than one hundred nationalities live in peace.  The regional department of the Union of Russian Armenians, which is headed by Arsen Abramyan, successfully works in Ulyanovsk. In turn, we treat Russian representatives with great respect and we appreciate the Russian culture. Culture is the main sphere where cooperation between our regions is developing. I want us to move towards industry and technology. I am sure that we will hold productive negotiations with the government of the city and Ulyanovsk enterprises and that we will be able to offer concrete steps for further interaction. I think we will actively cooperate in the field of industry and agriculture", - Ovsep Simonyan noted.

Sergey Morozov also thanked the head of Shirak Marz for careful and respectful attitude to the memorial complex - a Russian military burial place "Holm Chesti"- located in Gyumri, the capital of the Marz. Ovsep Simonyan noted: "Holm Chesti is the history of Armenia too. Residents of Ulyanovsk helped us during a terrible earthquake when a lot of people died. We owe so much to your region".

The delegation from Armenia has been working in the Ulyanovsk region since 19 January. The aim of the visit is sharing region's experience in the sphere of development of industry, entrepreneurship, the innovative cluster, as well as support of cultural relations between Ulyanovsk and Armenia. The guests will visit the industrial zone "Zavolzhye" and two of its residents (DMG MORI, Mars), will inspect the Ulyanovsk Center for Technology Transfer (Ulyanovsk NanoCenter) and the Ulyanovsk State Technical University. In addition, the delegation has met representatives of OOO "Union of Russian Armenians" (URO) and visited memorable places related to the history of the Ulyanovsk region's relations with Armenia.