Strategy for Development of International and Interregional Relations until 2021 has been developed in the Ulyanovsk region

The document is based on the world's best practices. This was reported by the Governor Sergey Morozov at a meeting of the Council for development of international and interregional cooperation on 27 January.

 "We became the first region in Russia where such strategy was developed. The main point of the document and all our international activities is very simple - we are ready to work with any partner anywhere in the world if it brings benefit to economy of the region and promotes wellbeing of its inhabitants. Last year we were able to attract 27 investors with an investment volume of about 135 billion rubles. Among them were companies from Germany, China, the Czech Republic, Greece, Iran. Within implementation of investment projects it is planned to create over seven thousand new jobs. I am sure that the Strategy adopted will help to improve these results", - Sergey Morozov noted.

The head of the region emphasized that this direction of work should become one of the main engines of the region's economic growth. The action plan in the sphere of development of international and interregional relations for 2017 will become the first step to strategy implementation.

According to the experts of department, from now on the employees responsible for development of international and interregional relations will be present in all ministries and municipalities. Their task is to develop external relations of a department or a district, to organize the already existing contacts and to establish new ones, to promote interests of the region at various levels.

According to the Assistant to the Governor Ekaterina Smoroda, Standards of work for executive bodies of state authorities and municipal entities have been developed in order to increase competences of professionals who will be engaged in these activities. "So far, strategic partners for cooperation with Russia have been identified. However, it is very important to build partnerships and promote collaboration in economic and humanitarian spheres, as well as in the field of Technology Initiative, despite the existing diplomatic restrictions. This major issue should be solved at the regional and municipal levels. The main instruments to promote the region are foreign economic relations, international events held in the Ulyanovsk region, participation of representatives of the region in external events, and horizontal cooperation between public enterprises and some subjects", - Ekaterina Smoroda explained.

The actions plan of the Ulyanovsk region Government for 2017 involves visiting business missions, including the ones to Turkey, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Italy, China. In addition, it is planned to receive three visiting business missions from the Free State of Saxony (Germany), the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Kazakhstan.