Federal experts are ready to cooperate with the Ulyanovsk region in the sphere of social and philanthropic programmes

During the working visit, the Director General of the autonomous non-profit organization "Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects" Svetlana Chupsheva and the director of Konstantin Khabensky Charity Foundation Alyona Meshkova have visited sites of projects operating in the region.

 “Over six years the team of the Governor has made a lot to improve investment climate, to eliminate barriers to business, to develop the human capital, to provide training to personnel, youth, children. Sergey Ivanovich and I agreed to implement a great number of projects in social and health care spheres, as well as regarding creation of special conditions for physically disabled people. There are a lot of tasks, and I would like to thank Sergey Ivanovich for his readiness to apply interesting innovative solutions, aiming to improve the quality of life”, - Svetlana Chupsheva noted.

Alyona Meshkova is also ready for continue interaction.

“We are open for cooperation with all regional foundations and we are ready to share our experience and to help them to come to the federal level. We think that it  is necessary to interact not only regarding programmes but also in the field of fundraising, communications and joint activities by means of which it is possible to change the situation more quickly and effectively”, - commented the Director of Konstantin Khabensky Charity Foundation.

In his Address to the Federal Assembly, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin emphasized importance of charity and volunteering. At the initiative of the Governor, a Charity Council has been created and a number of specialized events have been implemented in the Ulyanovsk region for several years in a row. Federal experts presented several projects among which was "Volunteers for Special Kids" of the Guardian and Foster Family Association, "A shelter for homeless animals - Lapa Pomoshi" of the Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy, "Mir na Ladoshkah" and "Mir na Palchikah" of the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University, "Know and Remember" of the Volunteers of Victory Regional Office. Representatives of the Disabled People Society of the Ulyanovsk region presented to visitors design of a project on extension of infrastructure for physically disabled people.

“For us it was very important to receive an expert assessment from Konstantin Khabensky Charity Foundation and Svetlana Vitalyevna, who is quite familiar with these projects. All in all, the experts gave a positive evaluation. They examined the projects and made a number of suggestions that we will work on. It is important to create the most comfortable environment in the social sphere”, - said the Governor Sergey Morozov.

The head of the region also participated in a meeting of the Public Commission on targeted assistance for residents of Ulyanovsk. Following the results of the meeting, by Sergey Morozov's order financial support will be provided to 106 people living in Bazarnosyzgansky, Veshkaymsky, Inzensky, Karsunsky, Kuzovatovsky, Mainsky, Nikolaevky, Sengileevsky, Sursky, Terengulsky and  Ulyanovsk regions. More than one million rubles will be used from the regional budget for gasification of houses.

“Dear Sergey Ivanovich, as members of the commission we would like to express our gratitude for the financial support. We understand that all challanges and operations are still ahead, but financial component is also very important. This help is a huge step to make our dream come true - to return sense of hearing to our child”, - said Evgeny Bogatov, the father of a boy with disabilities who needs expensive medical treatment abroad.

As a reference:

The project "Volunteers for Special Kids" is implemented by the Guardian and Foster Family Association of the Ulyanovsk region. Volunteers help an orphanage in the village of Maksimovka: organise master-classes, play and communicate with children, create a programme of long-term help and development, a mentoring system for pupils.

"A shelter for homeless animals - Lapa Pomoshi" was established in November 2010 on the basis of the Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology Department of the Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy. It is the first shelter for homeless animals of flowing type in the Volga region.

"Mir na Ladoshkah" and "Mir na Palchikah" are unique charitable projects on creation of tactile books, which will allow children with eyesight disabilities to learn about the world around them.