Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov gave start to "The First Weekend of Technology Entrepreneurship on the Volga"

The event took place at the premises of the Center for Science, Technology and Culture of ULSTU. More than 300 young businesspeople participated in it.

 “This youth forum is really relevant to the concept of the Year of Business, which is taking place in the Ulyanovsk region now. It is great that the higher education institution, which is considered to be one of the main regional centers for innovations and technologies, is open to all new tendencies and is actively integrating in the economic processes of the country. I think it is the right approach. Entrepreneurial initiative and the ability to generate innovations are two main components of economic growth. Today we are guided by these directions and we have high expectations of young people”, - Sergey Morozov addressed the participants.

Students and postgraduates from 14 higher education institutions of the country, who are interested in creation and development of their own business in the technological sphere, are taking part in the event. “It is remarkable that there are such venues where it is possible to show your ideas, as well as to get support to make your dream come true. The basic concepts of our project is to create soil through organic waste, which will be used in forestry and agriculture. I think that within "The First Weekend of Technology Entrepreneurship on the Volga" we will be able to gather new ideas that will help to implement our project”, - commented Nadezhda Kuklina, a postgraduate of the Volga State University of Technology of Yoshkar-Ola.

Over two days participants will be able to take part in various business games and training workshop aimed at business development. “Specifically for this event, we have invited experts competent in the field of business, heads of companies. These are professionals from various universities of the country and from the Regional Corporation for Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development, - said the acting rector of ULSTU Alexander Pinkov. – It is not a coincidence that the Weekend is taking place in the regional Center for Science, Technology and Culture, which was established in 2016 with assistance of the Governor Sergey Morozov. Today many major events and discussions of various levels are held here. They are aimed at development of the Ulyanovsk youth in different spheres”.

In the Ulyanovsk region, a lot of attention is paid to business support, including the youth one. Currently a whole range of measures to support young businesspeople is implemented in the region. “One of the main directions of this work is training. Today we consider all possibilities of involving as many active and initiative children as possible in this fascinating process”, - said the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Natalya Semyonova.

According to the Chairman of the Board of the Corporation for Enterprise Development Ruslan Gaynetdinov, a number of projects to develop youth, women and social entrepreneurship are implemented in the region now. These include "Business Mother", "Captains of Business", leagues of school and university's business. In addition, a project, which main goal is to help physically disabled people to open their own business, will be launched in the nearest future