Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov presented investment potential of the region to American business partners

The event took place in the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia on April 10. It was attended by representatives of more than forty American companies, which are already working in Russia and are planning to develop their business in regions.

 “We recognize attraction of investments as the main instrument for the region's development, and both Russian and foreign investments are equally important to us. We guarantee that an investor will be exempted of all costs that are not connected with implementation of the projects. We create all necessary conditions to provide our partners with qualified personnel, we establish a comfortable environment for life, study and work of foreign partners and their family members. Today we have created one of the best systems in the world for doing business. It was recognized by dozens of companies from around the world: DMG MORI, MARS, Efes, Bridgestone, Isuzu and many others. By continuously developing the business climate, we improve our establishments and we increase the quality of their work. For example, using the OECD Standard as a basis, we are implementing client-oriented regulations, as well as a risk-oriented model for means of control and supervision, an e-business platform and other developments to enhance the business environment”, - Sergey Morozov said. He also noted that efficiency of the investment projects' implementation in the region is achieved thanks to the well-established work on providing services to investors on the basis of the “single window” principle, which is carried out by the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation. “Foreign investors are provided with the full range of services on support of their projects, including assistance in allocation of the land plot and in signing contracts with energy, gas and utility providers. We also offer competent design and estimate preparatory drafting and selection of a contractor, implementation of construction works and commissioning of the constructed facility with all the necessary arrangement with permitting bodies”, - the head of the region emphasized.

According to the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia Alexis Rodzyanko, currently about 500 companies, not only American but also international ones, are members of the association. “Many of them are interested in activities carried out at the regional level. The information presented by the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region shows that there is a comprehensive approach to development of investment climate. I think that a lot of people who listened to the presentation today will consider the Ulyanovsk region as a possible partner. The region has a great potential and investors evaluate it in a positive way”, - Alexis Rodzyanko noted.

In addition, during the meeting Sergey Morozov invited representatives of the Chamber to visit the Ulyanovsk region. It is planned that it will take place before the end of the current year.

Also, within the presentation, representatives of American business obtained got comprehensive information regarding the favorable conditions created in the region for carrying out investment activities. Other topics included the range of applicable benefits and preferences for the residents, successful investment platforms (the industrial park "Zavolzhye" and the special economic zone "Ulyanovsk"), innovative regional projects in the fields of education and science, as well as successful experience of cooperation between large international companies with the region and localization of their productions in the Ulyanovsk region.

“After the presentation, we held a number of business negotiations with the heads of American companies. They were interested in our investment platforms. OOO “MARS”, a corporation which has already implemented four projects here, also shared its extensive experience on carrying out activities in the region. By results of these meetings, in the nearest future the Ulyanovsk region will be visited by two companies working in the field of mechanical engineering”, – noted Sergey Vasin, the CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

According to the Deputy Director for Corporate Affairs of OOO "MARS" Alexander Zobkov, the company began its work in the Ulyanovsk region 10 years ago. “We could witness the start of the region's active development; the one that you can see now. We note consistent work of both the regional government and all people involved in development of investment activities. Over the years, all the issues that we have mentioned were solved, and we are sure that they listen to us. This is very important for investors”, – he said.

It is worth mentioning that OOO "MARS" has been working in the Ulyanovsk market since 2007. Now implementation of its fourth investment project is at the final stage. This is the Russia's only scientific center for studies of petfood.