Effectiveness of the Ulyanovsk region's work on improvement of business climate was highly praised by the head of ASI office in the Volga Federal District Sergey Bocharov

Within the strategic session, which took place at the premises of the Lenin Memorial within the forum "Made in the Ulyanovsk Region" on 13 April, representatives of development institutes of the Volga Federal District discussed the best practices for creating a feedback with investors and businesspeople.

 “Great work is carried out in the Ulyanovsk region to improve the business climate. An effective management team was created here and it is headed by the Governor Sergey Morozov. We can see results of this work - the region stably takes high places in the National rating on investment climate condition in territorial entities of the Russian Federation”, - emphasized Sergey Bocharov, the head of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the Volga Federal District.

One of the main topics of discussion included the key investment policy directions, as well as implementation of the ASI target models. Representatives from almost all entities of the Volga Federal District took part in the work of the roundtable discussion. Experts shared experience in implementation of such target models as "measures for stimulation of small business development" and "efficiency of feedback and direct channels between investors and the government of the region". “According to these two indicators, the region takes the leading positions. This is proved by very good practices”, - the head added.

The Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov emphasized the significance of interaction between the authorities and business of different level. “I am glad to note that the Ulyanovsk region was selected as a platform for possible implementation of target models connected with transparency and openness of the government in dealing with business and support of small and medium business entities. Our region provides practices that are the best in these spheres. We are engaged in dialogue with business representatives, which includes both small and large entities, as well as investment projects. We have some real experience allowing us to hold such events and act as experts at forums”, - the head of the region said.

In addition, a videoconference with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the central office of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in Moscow took place within the strategic session. Participants of the event had the opportunity to appeal directly to the federal agency and to ask about their matters of concern. Agency of Investment Development of the Udmurt Republic, Penza Region Development Corporation and others also presented their positive experience of work with investors.

“Support of business is not only removing administrative barriers and providing measures of the state support (financial and not financial ones). It is also rendering services to business entities from the very start, so that it will continue developing: from a microbusiness to the small one, from the small one to the medium one, and then it can become a regional or national champion”, - noted Alexander Smekalin, the Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region.

At the end of the strategic session, a set of proposals was developed for discussion at the All-Russian level. “In many respects, comfortable conditions for doing business help to ensure a sustainable economy. We have to adopt the best practices for support of businesspeople, to increase the quality of state services in the region, to foster effective collaboration with development institutes”, - said Almaz Hakimov, the Minister of Economic Development and Competition.

According to the Prime Minister of the region, the platform of the forum "Made in the Ulyanovsk Region" was selected to hold the roundtable discussion because marketing, signing of contracts and purchasing sessions usually take place here. “Today we work together with representatives from not only other regions but also other countries, such as the People's Republic of China, Iran, Kazakhstan and many others. They understand that now the Ulyanovsk region can produce interesting goods of high quality and at affordable prices. Access to international markets is one of the challenges faced by our region”, - the Prime Minister explained.

Upon the initiative of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region, twelve target models for improvement of business climate are being implemented in the region. They were recognized as the priority ones by the President of the Russian Federation in Yaroslavl at the end of last year. Implementation of business models helps to remove barriers that slow development of a favorable business climate in the region. It also allows to improve the indicators that brought the Ulyanovsk region to the leading positions in the country. So, it is planned to reduce to 45 days the time frame of expert review for obtaining construction and territorial planning permits. The time needed to register property rights will be decreased to 10 days and the period of area analysis - to 23 days. The whole process of technological connection to gas distribution network should be limited to 135 days. The time frames for registration of technological connection need to be reduced to 10 days. Signing of a contract for integration with heat supply, water supply and water disposal infrastructure should not take more than for 40 days. Today, working groups have been created that include business representatives, and the region started work on implementation the road maps approved in February.