Businesses of the Ulyanovsk region are working to increase the number of potential customers

For this purpose, technical re-equipment is carried out, the number of skilled staff is increased, and additional professional training is provided to employees.

 While addressing deputies of the Legislative Assembly, the Governor Sergey Morozov mentioned that it is very important to implement federal measures of support at the regional level. They will stimulate enterprises traditionally working in the region. "Over the past years, encouragement of structural changes at the plants, which are the main taxpayers to the regional budget, was an important component of our economic policy. I would like to note that in the region there are about 15-20 such enterprises with more than one thousand employees working at each of them. Our most important task is to make them elements of the new economy by gradually including them in production chains and processes of advanced technologies localization", - the head of the region emphasized.

The Ulyanovsk Publishing House and the regional printing house " Pechatny Dvor" are among such enterprises. Over 1700 people are working in this field in the region.

“Following the results of 2016, enterprises operating in the publishing and printing industry have manufactured goods in the total amount of over one billion rubles. Thousands of books, magazines and newspapers are published in the region every year. Specialists, who are highly experienced in this sphere, are working in printing houses. Some of them have been working there for decades and they know all the details of technological processes and are willing to share their skills with young people”, - noted Andrey Tyurin, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region. 

The oldest printing house in the region is "Pechatny Dvor". Last year the enterprise celebrated its 110th anniversary. "We work with many publishing houses both in the Ulyanovsk region and outside it. Every year we expand the production volumes. Today we are manufacturing goods in the total amount of over 70 million rubles and we are trying to develop continuously. We purchase digital equipment that often costs more than one million rubles. In the future, we are planning to upgrade the instant print facilities so to be able to complete even the smallest orders quickly, efficiently and on time", - explained Andrey Sirotin, the Director General of AO "Regional Printing House "Pechatny Dvor".

The largest Russian printing house, the Ulyanovsk Publishing House, also works in the region. The enterprise collaborates with more than 50 leading publishing houses of Russia. According to its employees, now the Ulyanovsk Publishing House takes the leading position in the Russian printing market. Over the last five years, the enterprise moved up to the first position on book production. "Our average circulation is from two to five thousand copies. The books published in our printing house are bought in all regions of the country. We work with the largest publishing houses of Russia – “Eksmo”, "AST", "Ripol Classic", "Mnemozina" and others. We are planning to expand the geography of customers", - the Chief Technologist Elena Gubina commented.