Fourteen new investment projects to be implemented in the Ulyanovsk region in 2017

Addressing deputies of the State Duma, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev noted foreign investors' growing interest in cooperation.

 “The main benefits of our economy are high profitability, extensive resource base, qualified personnel. We still have all of these advantages and now they also include low inflation and a number of benefits which are connected with our membership in the Eurasian Union. As a result, in general, investment dynamics of the economy had stabilized by the end of the year. This year they are starting to increase”, - the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation emphasized.

The Ulyanovsk region is an active participant of the international activities, especially the ones regarding economy development. According to the Governor Sergey Morozov, today the region is working with more than 50 countries and the main driver of the external economic cooperation is the investment policy. “In 2017, it is planned to put into operation the facilities built within 8 investment projects. The total amount of investments will make about 6.5 billion rubles and will allow to create over 600 new jobs, - the head of the region noted. Among these projects is the plant of the steel making company "Pamir", the second stage of the logistic complex "Darkat" in Ulyanovsk, oil extraction plant "Legend" in Dimitrovgrad, the second stage of the science and technology park of Ulyanovsk Center for Technology Transfer (Ulyanovsk NanoCenter), the new industrial complex of "CTC" Metallokonstruktsiya", the research center of "Mars"”.

In addition, by the end of 2017 it is planned to complete construction of the Russia's first wind farm with the total capacity of 35 MW, as well as to start building facilities within 14 investment projects with investment of about 22.5 billion rubles (about 2 thousand new jobs will be created). Among them are new projects of foreign investors, such as a plant for production of electrical equipment of the French company "Legrand", the production of composite gas cylinders of the Iranian company "Rad Sane Atti Industrial Group", and the whole range of specialized productions for the airline industry, which will be located in the territory of Ulyanovsk SEZ.

The region provides investors with tax benefits for up to 15 years, and in the territory of the Port Special Economic Zone – for a period of 49 years. In addition, a number of benefits are offered from the means of the regional budget. “We think that establishing comfortable conditions for business is one of the key conditions to ensure steady growth of investments, but it is not the only one. It is important to raise awareness among potential partners regarding preferences. We are trying to use the maximum range of opportunities in this sphere by carrying out presentations of the region at platforms of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and trade missions of the Russian Federation within various congress and exhibition events. We are actively interacting with several enterprises and professional associations of foreign countries”, - explained Alexander Smekalin, the Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region.

At the same time, according to the prime minister, the region provides services to investors not only during commissioning of the project but also after the launch of production. “The issues that we are ready to solve - and actually solve - include development of industrial cooperation, signing special investment contracts and providing support to the enterprises which want to enter export markets”, - Alexander Smekalin noted.

According to the member of Advisory Council of the Russian Society of Appraisers (RSA), the Director General of OOO "Eksperti" Sergey Yemelyanov, today successful experience and practices of the Ulyanovsk region regarding creation of comfortable business environment and work with investors are recognized far beyond the region and are considered to be one of the best. “But we understand that we must not stop because there are still other promising spheres, potential for growth. These include creation of new development territories and management of human resources. It should be noted that these issues are being solved too: regional and municipal industrial parks are being built, an International Competence Centre has opened in the region, and we are actively supporting interaction between business and higher education institutions. I think that such involvement of the region will help it not only to keep but also to increase the development rates”, - Sergey Yemelyanov noted.