Ulyanovsk region takes the second place in the Volga Federal District and the fourteenth one across Russia on the Index of Industrial Production

The results of implementation of the Plan to increase the rate of economic growth in the first quarter of 2017 were summed up at the expanded meeting on 5 May. Heads of municipal entities of the region, heads of the local mainstays, representatives of the academic community, expert and business communities participated in the event.

 “We need to concentrate on the main objective and provide growth of the Ulyanovsk region's economy by at least 5%. For this purpose, it is necessary to introduce a favourable business environment, to be actively engaged in development of investment activity, to achieve increase in labor productivity. Today implementation of the Plan of Priority Actions for Economy ensures the positive indicators that we have now. Following the results of three months, the index of industrial production reached 111.6%. This is much better than the national average. We take the second place in the Volga Federal District and the fourteenth one in the Russian Federation”, - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

According to the dedicated experts, following the results of 1Q 2017, they also registered growth in minerals extraction – 108.3%. Positive dynamics can be seen in manufacturing industry - 113.9%. Performance of the Ulyanovsk region's enterprises working in this field is much better than in most parts of the country. In general, the index across Russia has not reached the level of the last year having made 99.2%.

According to the regional Minister of Industry, Construction, Housing and Transport Dmitry Vavilin, in 1Q 2017, the volume of shipped production made 54.6 billion rubles, the growth rate – 105.9%. One of leaders of the Ulyanovsk region in volume of manufactured goods is OOO "UAZ", which accounted for about 10% of the whole industrial output across the region. This result was achieved thanks to implementation of programmes for quality and efficiency improvement of production. "It allows us to be stable in the market and to prepare for the future. As a result, in the first quarter our indicator on shipment of goods reached 119% compared to the results for the same period in 2016. And we are not going to stop. Unfortunately, the market is unstable, but we hope to maintain such a high growth rate in Q2. The programme is predicted to have the same results as in 2016, but we hope to surpass them", - explained Alexander Lagunov, the Deputy Director General of OOO "UAZ".

In addition, AO "Isuzu Rus" shows great results: the enterprise's volume of goods shipment has grown by 45% compared to 1Q 2016 and has made 1.4 billion rubles. Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau has exceeded the last year’s figures by 49%.

The Plan of Priority Actions for Economy 2017 is aimed to ensure sustainable social and economic development, to support strategic enterprises and priority branches of economy. "This is a complex plan, its main objectives are to implement the innovative scenario of the regional economy development, which was written and approved in the Strategy for Social and Economic Development of the Ulyanovsk region until 2030. The first quarter shown that our about index of industrial production has grown by 12%. It means that we are working according to this document and we have already achieved positive results. I think that if similar dynamics remains in the future, the regional economy will enjoy greater growth rates than the national average", - commented Dr.sc.oec Anatoly Lapin, the Head of Department of Economic Analysis and State Management of ULSU,.

According to the Minister of Economic Development and Competition Almaz Hakimov, implementation of the document is running smoothly without any significant deviations from the set terms. “For the reporting period the initiatives were primarily aimed at measures for import substitution, support of non-oil export, development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship. Measures for ensuring social stability allowed to maintain the low level of the registered unemployment rate – 0.53%. Five thousand five hundred and thirty new jobs were created in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region, and 481 of them were introduced thanks to implementation of investment projects. It is also necessary to note positive dynamics in industrial production. OOO "UAZ", OA "Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau", OA "Hempel", OOO "Nomatex", AO "RPA MARS", AO "Dimitrovgradhimmash", AO "Isuzu RUS", Ulyanovsk Publishing House and other enterprises of the region demonstrate high rates of economic growth”, - the Minister explained. He also added that the facilities built within 13 investment projects (18 billion 380 million rubles) will be put into operation in 2017. Constructions within nine projects with the total amount of investments of more than 5 billion rubles will start soon.

“Within the short-term planning the Government of the Ulyanovsk region has set targets for development of the region in 2017. The plan is one of the tools to ensure implementation of the set objectives”, - Almaz Hakimov emphasized.