Information technology development strategy until 2030 to be discussed with academic community and business representatives

On May 17, the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, the head of the region Sergey Morozov discussed development of ICT with the Head of the regional state public institution "Government for Citizens" Svetlana Openysheva.

 The main topic of the talks was the need to make changes to the document that sets the overall direction for development of the information society. Earlier, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin approved the Strategy for the Development of the Information Society until 2030. The Governor assigned Svetlana Openysheva to discuss the document, which will be applied in the region until 2020, with representatives of academic community, business and other experts and then submit proposals on updates.

“Our task is to study all aspects of development of information society and e-government until 2030, which were approved at the federal level, to verify documents and to align our legal framework with the strategy approved by the President”, - Sergey Morozov noted.

Development of the information and communications technology sector, as well as the one of electronics, in the Ulyanovsk region was one of the points of the Strategy accepted in 2014. The document specifies a series of actions for expansion of IT services, increase in number of IT-companies established in the region, as well as improvement of their competitiveness at the Russian and international markets.

“We need to keep up with the times and to pay attention to the use of artificial intelligence, development of the Internet of Things, robotics, biotechnologies and etc. It is necessary to listen to as many opinions as possible, to discuss issues of the information society development in a much broader context and to put the right emphasis so that citizens could have an opportunity to receive state, educational, medical and other services online. It is also important that our IT-companies could draft breakthrough projects, which will be in high demand in Russia and abroad, and we could develop the infrastructure of e-government”, - Svetlana Openysheva emphasized.

The head of the region also set the task to enhance the responsibility of the heads of branches for development of information technologies. In this regard, it is planned to provide special course training and testing on the basis of the Corporate University and to design a list of the key performance indicators in regard to implementation of the Strategy.