About 70 projects on development of municipalities developed on the basis of local initiatives have been implemented in Ulyanovsk since 2015

The total cost of the supported programmes amounted to 86.5 million rubles.

 The All-Russian workshop meeting "Initiative budgeting and related practices" took place from May 18 to May 19. Experience of the Ulyanovsk region in this sphere was presented there. Experts highly praised results of the region's work on implementation of initiative budgeting. According to the Governor Sergey Morozov, this approach to distribution of budgetary funds is among the most effective ones. "Development of initiative budgeting in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region is one of the priority directions of our work. We listen to opinion of citizens and we help to bring the ideas to life", - the head of the region noted.

During the event, experts analyzed similar experience of different entities of the Russian Federation. "Today this direction is implemented in 46 regions. In the Ulyanovsk region initiative budgeting is presented in the form of different practices both in cities and in rural settlements. Of course, this experience is interesting for many regions", - noted Vladimir Vagin, the Head of the Center for Initiative Budgeting of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

According to the experts of the regional Ministry of Finance, by the initiative of the Governor Sergey Morozov a project on support of local initiatives was launched in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region in 2015. The main difference of the project from other programmes of joint financing is active involvement of the population. This includes not only selection of projects during meetings of citizens and joint financing of the project, but also direct participation in its implementation and control over the quality of works. Thus, over the two years of the ptogramme's existence, 68 projects on development of municipalities of the Ulyanovsk region have been implemented. They were developed on the basis of local initiatives of citizens and their total cost amounted to 86.5 million rubles.

“For the Ulyanovsk region, this activity, in which experts from all over Russia take part, is a big event. It is, first of all, an opportunity to discuss various practices of initiative budgeting. It is also an opportunity to share experience on implementation of these practices in various regions”, - emphasized Ekaterina Butskaya, the Minister of Finance of the Ulyanovsk region.

Representatives of the Kirov region, the Chuvash Republic, Orenburg and Vologda regions, as well as the Republic of Bashkortostan, also shared their experience regarding the main challenges and features of initiative budgeting implantation. "In general, elements of this programme have been implemented in various form in different regions of Russia since 2007. Credit should be given to the Ulyanovsk region that it started the work related to implementation of this experience through its individual effort. First, the institute of village chiefs was established, then it actively participated in the federal programme for sustainable development of rural areas, then it introduced the programme on support of local initiatives. This vast experience was used in different regions of Russia, but none of them did it as well as the Ulyanovsk region", - noted Sergey Gridin, the expert of the programme for support of local initiatives of the World Bank.