Ulyanovsk region is among the "pilot" regions on implementation of the Regional export standard

This was discussed during the workshop on issues of export, which took place within SPIEF-2017 (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum) on 1 June.

 "The Ulyanovsk region is one of the leaders in development of infrastructure for small and medium-sized companies, including the ones in the sphere of export. Introduction of the regional standard means that the region will focus on export, which includes development of strategic plans, understanding of geography and which directions can be promising for export, further improvement of infrastructure, etc. In order to achieve greater efficiency, we have decided to ask the regions for their opinion", - explained Pyotr Fradkov, the CEO of the Russian Export Center (REC).

Sergey Morozov noted that implementation of this standard will help to develop the regional export-oriented enterprises. “For the same purpose, last year we have established an Export council in the Ulyanovsk region, which includes representatives of the Ulyanovsk region's executive authorities, development institutes and infrastructure facilities for support of business, as well as the ones from the regional export companies. Activities of the council has already allowed to reveal and reduce the number of administrative and other barriers interfering with the export development of the region”, - the Governor noted.

There is also an Export Support Center in the Ulyanovsk region, which was established in 2011. The Programme of the Ministry of Economic Development covered four pilot regions. Thanks to the Center's comprehensive work, 66 export contracts worth in total over 80 million euros have been signed; in 2016 the number of countries, to which the goods are exported, has increased from 52 to 84, and the number of exporters - from 73 to 134 companies.

Since 2016, the regional Export Center has been implementing the educational program of REC to train employees of export-oriented enterprises. In 2016, a regional coach was accredited and the entire cycle of the training programme was carried out through which training was provided to 63 export-oriented companies of the region.

Over 2016, the Center has organized participation of regional exporters in seven international exhibitions and five business missions, including the ones to the UAE, Iran and the People's Republic of China. With assistance of the Center, 19 small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region have signed 28 export contracts worth over USD 300 thousand for delivery of woodworking and construction material, paints and varnishes, furniture, food products, measuring devices, gas industrial meters and others. At the same time, 28 foreign companies from 14 countries of the world - Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, India, the UAE, Iran, Estonia, Latvia, Sri Lanka, the People's Republic of China, Moldova, Vietnam, Sweden - became partners of Ulyanovsk companies.

The overall export of the region in 2016 made more than USD 300 million. It is worth to note that 80% of the goods that are exported to other countries are raw materials.

The head of the OOO "Eva" handmade chocolate production Milana Privalova noted that the Export Center provides great support to the enterprise. “Almost everyone is doing business in the Ulyanovsk region because the government has created all the necessary conditions. Export is one of the newest direction of development in our business, and thanks to the Center, we were able to find and check a potential contractor, as well as to analyze the market. With the assistance of the Center, we are actively participating in various exhibitions. The training provided by the export department was also of great help and it helped us learn about risks related to export and how to overcome them, how to work with the contractor, about the external economic contract and many other things. All in all, this gave us confidence that exporting goods to other countries is not more difficult than working with other regions”, - said the businesswoman.