Ulyanovsk Region Investment Council approved three new projects

On June 9, the Governor Sergey Morozov held a meeting regarding investment agenda of the region.

 “Today investment climate plays an important role in determining the economy. Our work on involvement of new residents and creation of workplaces yields notable results which can be seen, first of all, in revenues of the Ulyanovsk region's budget. Last year, 27 investment projects worth 130 billion rubles were approved, thanks to which seven thousand workplaces would be created. It has a great effect on social wellbeing of the region, as well as the social policy”, - the Governor emphasized.

Among the investment projects presented during the event was the one of OOO "Spektr Aero" on construction of a facility for coloring of short- and medium-range aircrafts. The investor is planning to implement the project worth 350 million rubles by the end of 2018. The already existing painting facility of OOO "Spektr Aero" is used for coloring of wide-body aircrafts, while the future plant will be intended for coloring of narrow-body ones. Potential partners of the project might become PAO "United Aircraft Corporation", AO "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", OAO "Il", AO "Aviastar-SP", AO "Spektr-Avia". The facility will be provided with work thanks to the programme on manufacturing of Sukhoi Superjet 100 planes until 2025. According to it, the production of these aircrafts will start from 2023 (42 air vehicles a year), as well as other planes from the plants of PAO "United Aircraft Corporation" (up to 70 units a year in total).

The second  project considered involves production of fire-resistant oils of the Russian company OOO "Russkiye sinteticheskiye masla i prisadki" in the  Special Economic Zone "Ulyanovsk". Agreements on project implementation were reached by the Governor and the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation at the investment forum in Sochi in October 2016. In May 2017, the Advisory Council of the Port Special Economic Zone approved the company’s business plan on implementation of the project that is aimed at import substitution. "For Russia it is the first project of this kind for many years. Now, 100% of hydraulic nonflammable liquids are purchased outside the country. This is wrong from the strategic point of view. Our purpose is to recover the production process of unique hydraulic liquids that was lost in the mid-nineties. The facility will be placed in the territory of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk", where we are provided with significant help and support in implementation of our investment project by the Governor and the Government of the region, as well as the regional Development Corporation", – noted Alexey Naryshkin, the Deputy Director General of OOO "Russkiye sinteticheskiye masla i prisadki".

At the first stage of project implementation, the company will invest about 500 million rubles in development of production. Construction and commissioning are scheduled to take 2 years.  It is planned to produce the fire-resistant liquids at the new plant in the Ulyanovsk region. These liquids are in high demand at nuclear and thermal power plants, where they are used for systems of lubrication and regulation of turbines, as well as in the aviation industry. The enterprise is related to the sphere of high-technology economy. Forty-seven people willl work at the plant at the first stage. The staff will include highly qualified professionals in the field of the chemical industry (chemists and technologists).

According to the head of the Ulaynovsk Region Development Corporation Sergey Vasin, the third  project considered is aimed at development of the monotown of Dimitrovgrad. A sewing production will be created in its territory. “The agreement was signed with the investor – the Russian company "Magellan" - at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum as recently as May 31. The company's factory in Dimitrovgrad will manufacture uniforms for staff of law enforcement agencies. The volume of investment will total over 200 million rubles, and up to 1,500 people will work at the facility”, - he said.