Medical cluster to be created in the Ulyanovsk region

It is planned to place a joint Russian-Chinese project, which comprises manufacturers of medical equipment, in the territory of the special economic zone in the Ulyanovsk region.

 “This project is of great importance to inhabitants of the region. Currently we are purchasing most of medical equipment from abroad. In China we met with management of 17 companies who expressed desire to be a part of the Ulyanovsk region's medical cluster. They manufacture goods under the license of such well-known international companies as Siemens and Phillips. These manufacturers also issue the latest equipment under their own brand, which is used all around the world. In the Ulyanovsk region, they will make medical products under a single brand - the Russian one. This means that it will be Russian goods and the region will receive new workplaces and revenue to the budget”, – the Governor Sergey Morozov explained.

According to the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, the joint Russian-Chinese cluster will produce a wide range of medical equipment, both the modern digital tomographs, ultrasonography- and X-ray scanners, which are currently used in Russia, and new devices that have never been used in the Russian Federation. For example, X-ray scanners for children that will allow to take pictures without the need to fix children in one place.

The investor is ready to start project implementation in the special economic zone, and at present they are waiting for construction of the industrial park to be completed there.  The facility will be commissioned approximately in September, and the project will be launched then. At the same time, the company has submitted documents to receive the SEZ resident status. The meeting of the expert council of PSEZ, which will consider the project, will take place in early July.

“Baoji State Corporation acts as the project coordinator. Using its own resources, it will build production facilities where the companies will manufacture medical equipment. At the moment, the investor has already got an authorization from the Government of the People's Republic of China to invest in the territory of Russia. At the first stage the amount of investments will make U.S.$100 million. In the nearest future, agreements will be signed with five out of the seventeen companies that will join the medical cluster”, - said Sergey Vasin, the CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.