Ulyanovsk region took the second place in the National Rating of investment attractiveness of industrial parks and SEZ

Zavolzhye industrial zone was included in the list of the highest-class platforms (class AA) on the investment attractiveness according to data of the research conducted by the analytical center of Expert media group.

 The Ulyanovsk region shared the second place with the Republic of Tatarstan – each of them has five projects. These four territories are given as an example of the best practices for attracting investment.

In total, the rating presents 33 territorial entities of the Russian Federation and 76 industrial parks. The industrial park "Zavolzhye" was included into the leading group, having taken the 7th place. The Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation manages industrial parks of the region.

“One of the main criteria was assessment of attractiveness and friendliness towards investor. It was also important to see whether the investor was provided with an initial reference point to choose the place for future production. We fulfilled all requirements successfully. In addition, our territories are provided with complete infrastructure while many residents consider utility system as one of the main advantages of a land plot. Our industrial zone is located in a favorable position for logistics, which was also considered during the assessment, as well as the fact that we offer a complex set of benefits. All in all, creation of such platforms really helps to develop cross-sectoral productions”, - emphasized Alexander Smekalin, the Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region.

Today the industrial park "Zavolzhye" is one of the most successful and effective industrial platforms in Russia. One ruble of budget investments in infrastructure of the park is equivalent to 32.4 rubles of residents' investments and 10.7 rubles of tax payments to the regional budget. Between 2009 and 2016, residents of the park paid 11.7 billion rubles of taxes (excluding tax benefits) to the budget of the Ulyanovsk region. This exceeded manifold funding provided for building of the park's infrastructure.

World-famous companies appreciated the advantages of the platform. DMG MORI, Bridgestone, Schaeffler, Nemak, MARS, Jokey Plastik, Legrand, Hempel, EFES, Takata and others are implementing their projects in the region. The Ulyanovsk Nanotechnology Center, which is a unique innovative project, is also operating here. It provides services and support to companies working in the field of technology entrepreneurship.

The final score was summed up on the basis of 29 parameters, which were divided into six groups: services provided by the management company, location, cost of resources, benefits offered to investors, work with residents and characteristics of the region. Platforms that had similar results were merged into classes (AA — the most attractive parks, C — the least attractive ones).

In addition to Zavolzhye industrial park, other platforms of the Ulyanovsk region were also mentioned in the rating:  Ulyanovsk SEZ, industrial parks "UAZ", "DAAZ" and "Novoulyanovsk".

As a reference:

When gathering information, experts used only public domain (websites of parks, information from TIP (targeted investment program), geographical information system of industrial parks, etc.). If the information was not available, a platform received 0 points in these fields.

The industrial park "Zavolzhye" (established in 2008) is a greenfield platform of 706.2 hectares with a centralized modern engineering and transport infrastructure for production placement. It was certified by the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia. Currently, 27 investment projects with total investment of 46.7 billion rubles are being implemented in the territory of "Zavolzhye". When projects are completed, about 5 thousand new jobs will be created. The operating enterprises employ 3 thousand inhabitants of the region.