In the Ulyanovsk region additional measures to be taken to address illicit trafficking of alcohol products

The Governor Sergey Morozov issued a relevant instruction at the thematic session on 14 July.

 “The issue of alcohol consumption in Russia remains a priority for the regional government. Administrative and legislative mechanisms play an important role here, as well as awareness-raising activities and preventive work, especially with            youth. I am happy to see that sector enterprises are actively involved in it. The cross-sectoral level is actively dealing with the distribution of illegal products. The results are quite visible – the share of alcohol consumption per capita is steadily decreasing in the Ulyanovsk region. Over the first six months of 2017, this figure has decreased by 25%,” - said the head of the region.

Before the meeting, the Governor visited the new manufacturing line of Efes Rus plant in Ulyanovsk. Its implementation will allow to increase volumes of production.

According to the CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation Sergey Vasin, the company is one of the largest taxpayers in the Ulyanovsk region. “Over the years of operation of the plant, the total tax revenues exceeded 7 billion rubles. In the past year, the company provided the regional budget with approximately two billion rubles in taxes and it continues to invest in modernization of production. The volume of investments of the company in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region amounted to about 8 billion rubles. More than 180 million of them were invested in the expansion and modernization of production over the last three years”, - commented the head of the Corporation.

The head of the region thanked the company for a comprehensive social policy and active industry participation. "The company complies with all modern production guidelines. We are adopting a global priority for sustainable development aimed at personnel development, human rights, and employee health. We are also implementing global production practices. The wage and social support level at our plant considerably exceeds the existing urban and regional indicators. The Ulyanovsk plant is actively implementing social projects. Among them are «Obustroim rodniki vmeste!», «Obustroystvo gorodskoy territorii», «Avtotrezvost». The "Avtotrezvost" project was launched as a pilot in the Ulyanovsk region and thanks to the support of the Governor, it was successfully completed. The one-third reduction in the number of accidents associated with drunk driving was achieved. Staff of the enterprise in Ulyanovsk and the region rebuilt 3 urban sites and 19 springs. The total volume of social investments exceeded 10 million rubles," - said Andrey Samokhin, the Director of the Efes Rus plant in Ulyanovsk.

In the January-June period of 2017, the regional budget has received more than 6.5 billion rubles of excise duties on alcoholic products; 1.1 billion rubles of them were provided by the Efes Rus plant in Ulyanovsk.