Seven wind turbines were installed in the Ulyanovsk region at the Russia's first wind farm

Fortum is going to place 14 wind generators with the total capacity of 35 MW in Krasnyi Yar before the end of the year.

 The manager of the project "Ulyanovsk Wind Farm" Alexey Matveev noted that the wind farm under construction is absolutely eco-friendly. “This is "green" energy. In the pre-project stage of development, we carried out serious studies. The only possible risk is that birds might collide with blades, but we will avoid it thanks to ultrasonic bird repellers. The project is a pioneer in the field of Russian wind-power production. Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk is called the city of seven winds, so it seems only right that the first wind farm will be built here”, – the project manager emphasized.

According to Fortum, each tower is 88 meters high and the pod is installed at the height of 94 meters. The top-most point of a tower with the blade is located at almost 150 meters above the earth. Each wind turbine has a capacity of 2.5 MW. Similar wind farms are present in practically all European countries. As far as the level of automation and other characteristics are concerned, the Ulyanovsk wind farm will be equal to similar projects in other countries. Fortum will invest into the project 65 million euros.

“According to our plans, by the end of this year 14 wind generators will add energy to the shared network; the company will start selling electric power and pay taxes. In addition, an entire industry was established in the region to provide services to the wind farm. We are actively working to localize production of assembly parts. In particular, we are considering the possibility to use facilities of Ulyanovsk "AeroKompozit" plant, which is a part of United Aircraft Corporation. The Governor set the task to increase the share of renewable energy up to 30%. In this regard, currently our corporation is carrying out wind monitoring in three municipalities of the region: Nikolaevsky and Karsunsky districts and Novoulyanovsk. We are looking for platforms to build new wind farms in order to increase the total capacity of wind power generation in the region up to 600 MW”, - said Sergey Vasin, the CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

The Managing Director of OOO "UK" RUSNANO" Andrey Pokhozhayev noted high potential of the region for development of "green" power engineering. “The Ulyanovsk region is an attractive place for construction of wind power plants and localization projects. High industrial capacity of the region allows placing productions where localized components of wind turbines will be made. Enterprises of the aviation cluster, as well as other ones, can be involved in this process”, – the head said.