Ulyanovsk to create a promenade along the Sviyaga River by 2018

The project was presented to the Governor Sergey Morozov during his trip around the residential areas of the regional center.

 As the project manager Andrey Fabricant explained, it is planned to organize six different thematic areas. They will include an entertainment and walking areas, a landscape park, sport grounds, a multifunctional hall, a recreational area with a wooden deck and a cascade ramp. The vast area of 2120 sq. m. will allow to hold seminars and concerts. According to Andrey Fabricant, functional venue zoning is designed to ensure that citizens could spent their free time in an active way.

“We have dreamed for a long time to create another well-maintained town center in Ulyanovsk. A place where residents could feel comfortable. Our dream is being realized step by step. Now one of the important tasks is not to cause any harm to the environment. We are ready to discuss expansion of recreational areas in the direction of the Zasviyazhskiy District so that the existing park site would be comfortable and safe for all residents," - said the Governor.

In addition, the head of the region was informed about the construction of a new residential complex on the banks of the Sviyaga River near the shopping center "Aquamall". Three houses have been being built here starting from March 2017. Concreting of bearing walls has been carried out at the first site, as well setting of outside walls. Commissioning of the first building is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018. The second building is at the stage of foundation concreting and reinforcement of technical floor. As far as the third house is concerned, a construction pit has been prepared for driving piles. In total, eight apartment houses (from 17 to 24 floors high) will be built in the territory of the complex. Commissioning of the complex designed for 2473 resident is scheduled for 2021.

According to the regional Ministry of Construction, 4 million 887 thousand square meters of housing facilities were built in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region during the period from 2010 to 2016. Nine hundred and sixty-seven thousand square meters of them were commissioned last year. This year’s work plan aims to build 970 thousand square meters of housing.

“A number of positive trends has already been created in the region: we have designed new formats of housing and started using modern construction technology. Projects offer impressive architectural and urban solutions. There are also great ideas of a complex housing, for example, the residential complex "Akvamarin". In this modern urban space citizens have new opportunities to satisfy their cultural, social and everyday needs”, - said Dmitry Vavilin, the Minister of Industry, Construction, Housing and Transport.