A co-working center "Tochka Kipenya" to open in the Ulyanovsk region in autumn

Implementation of the National Technology Initiative was discussed at the supervisory board of ASI, which took place on July 26 under the chairmanship of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the framework of the business forum "Karelia: Points of Growth". The meeting was attended by the Governor Sergey Morozov.

 Opening the event, the head of state noted that the Agency is expanding the field of activities and is solving even more complex challenges. "I hope that you will continue to support the regions, to help build an up-to-date governance model, to improve the business climate, and to suggest the best practices in the social sphere. The main task is to create the right environment that will provide conditions for positive changes in the Russian regions, to unite all who are willing to participate in design and implementation of development plans, to share experiences. They include youth, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and innovators. "Tochka Kipenya" can and will become one of the centers of attraction, a place for communication and discussion. It is already operating in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Ivanovo and has just been opened here in Karelia, in Petrozavodsk. By the way, this is an opportunity for the region and for companies to find young, ambitious, promising staff to work in various spheres at various levels", - said the President of the Russian Federation.

 It is planned that a co-working center "Tochka Kipenya" will be opened in the Ulyanovsk region in mid-September. In March, the Governor Sergey Morozov has shown the building for the placement of the center to the Director-General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) Svetlana Chupsheva. The head of the region told her that the this facility will team up the best intellectual resources, including representatives of universities, technological and manufacturing companies, and research centers at a single platform so that they could focus their work on development of advanced sectors of the regional economy and support startups.

“We are actively working to create our own strategy on how to help the educational system to meet the global challenges of the science and technology and           social and economic development. The region cooperates with the world leading universities and international companies. In the center, people working in different fields can participate in various activities to advance major projects and initiatives and to develop a network of business contacts. The key difference of "Tochka Kipenya" from a common co-working center is that it will focus on implementation of the projects launched by the innovation cluster, such as "Technocampus 2.0", "Technology Valley 2.0", "Santor"”, - said the Governor.

It is planned to discuss best educational practices and ideas for business, as well as to hold expert and brainstorming sessions, training seminars.

According to the head of the ASI in the Volga Federal District Sergey Bocharov, the Ulyanovsk region has been actively involved in the work on implementation of the National Technology Initiative all along. "There was a discussion about the best practices on interaction between business and government. As a result, we worked out a common implementation model of NTI that includes such fields as governance, science, education, innovative business and development institutions. Another topic was formation of an innovation cluster. This is an important contribution to the development of a new industrial and technological economy of the region", - said the head of the organization.

We would like to remind that in April 2016, the Ulyanovsk region was included into the list of 16 pilot regions for the implementation of the National Technology Initiative. The region is working in the following fields: AeroNet, EnergyNet, HealthNet, NeuroNet, Circle Activities, FoodNet. As a result, relevant "road maps" for these directions were approved in December 2016.