Ulyanovsk region is ready to become an implementation platform for Foresight Fleet project

The initiative to join the programme of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives was announced by the Governor Sergey Morozov within the International Cultural Forum "Culture and Business: Creative Capital of a Modern City". The event took place in the Ulyanovsk region on September 14-15.

 We would like to remind that in different years, Foresight Fleet became the launching platform for development and implementation of system projects of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, which had a significant impact on development of economy, as well as the educational and social spheres of new Russia. These include the National Competencies and Qualifications System, the National Business Initiative, training of highly skilled specialists according to the WorldSkills guidelines, the Global Education Programme, as well as a number of successful leader projects in education, the social sphere and business.

“A year ago we had a very serious discussion at the International Cultural Forum about development of creative industries. During this time we were able to show this important and prospective topic to representatives of regional and municipal authorities. Thanks to assistance of the creative organizations from Moscow and St. Petersburg we also attracted members of Ulyanovsk cultural community. We already have good examples of how the creative industries are developing. These include art spaces "Kvartal", "Gorizont" and some other. I think that the main challenge now is to involve entrepreneurs into this work. We are ready to support them.  We made an agreement with our colleagues from St. Petersburg that next year we will carry out Foresight Fleet in Ulyanovsk and will bring together entrepreneurs, experts and tutors in order to consider a number of business projects over several days. It is possible that we will launch new creative activities that could be implemented in the territory of our region”, - Sergey Morozov noted.

“Your Governor is the first in Russia who uses creative potential and the cultural sphere as a part of daily life and economy development, creation of new jobs, for taxes, for salaries. So far, this is really unique in Russia”, - commented Valery Fadeyev, the Secretary of the Russian Federation Fourth Public Chamber, the editor-in-chief of the Ekspert (Expert) magazine.

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Foresight Fleet is a unique a format of group communication, which has no analogs in both Russia and the world. Its participants work together on road maps of industry and territorial development, as well as projects in the most significant and prospective spheres of economy, the social sphere, and government control. Foresight Fleet's main feature is that it helps to develop sustainable social and business contacts between participants, to create project teams that have the same purposes and share the same vision of methods and how to achieve their goals. Foresight Fleet is a platform for implementation of the best practices on organization of joint design work - from master classes and lectures of thought-leaders in the field of economy, culture, and innovative development, to coaching sessions and business games.