The International Plastov Prize awarded in the Ulyanovsk region

The Prize was awarded to seven outstanding artists, sculptors, art critics of our age. The ceremony was held on 14 September.

 “I would like to congratulate these awesome creative people, who have tied their lives with the fine arts, with a victory well-deserved. Sincere and optimistically breath of plastovsky art inspires us, his grateful admirers, to work, to create and to be kind towards other people. I would like to thank all talented masters of the past, present and future for the feeling of joy that we get thanks to your art works. Next year the whole world will celebrate the 125- anniversary of Arkady Plastov. We treat this anniversary with all due responsibility and we are working a lot to be ready for this holiday. The construction of a unique church is currently underway at Plastov's home village, which will become a part of a museum complex. We have also started implementation of a project on creation of historical and art memorial estate "Prislonikha - Rodina of Arkady Plastov". We want to create a cultural institution of a high enough level that it will inlude activities of the surrounding areas, to turn this wonderful place into an authentic center for study of Arkady Plastov's art heritage. Once again I would like to thank winners in the field of fine arts named after Plastov. I am sure that new creative accomplishments and remarkable victories are waiting for you in the future”, - the head of the region emphasized.

 According to the winner of the Plastov Prize, the People's Artist of the Russian Federation, a professor of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, the Secretary of Board of the Artists Union of Russia Sergey Gavrilyachenko, Plastov's heritage is the "tuning fork" which sometimes guides not only Russian culture but also the Russian lifestyle as a whole. "I was really honored to be even nominated for this Prize. You can truly understand the value of Plastov's work. I am a graduate and a teacher of Surikov Institute. The names of these two great people - Surikov and Plastov - are equally important for the Russian culture. Plastov is a genius of the Russian century", - noted Sergey Gavrilyachenko.

 The International Annual Prize in Fine Arts named after the classic of Soviet pictorial art Arkady Plastov is awarded to artists – authors of works, executed in the tradition of realistic art, followers of the creative heritage of A.Plastova and masters of fine art of the second half of XX-XXI centuries in Russia and abroad. The masters of the art and artists who promote the Arkady Plastov's style and show the key national traits and the variety of forms of modern art in their works can also receive this Prize.

 "This is the sixth time I have participated in the Artist Assembly "The Plastov’s Fall". Over the five years, our Artists Union of Russia has organized a lot of different exhibitions in Ulyanovsk. There are a lot of things that come to my mind when I think about Simbirsk. Even at the Surikov Institute we studied together with Nikolay Plastov, Arkady Aleksandrovich's grandson. I am very excited to get this great award. For me "Plastov" in art means the same as Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Tyutchev in literature", - said Valery Polotnov, the winner of the Plastov Prize, the People's Artist, the Secretary of Board of the Artists Union of Russia.

 According to the Minister of Art and Cultural Policy Olga Mezina, this year the programme of the International Artist Assembly "The Plastov’s Fall" was really diversified and outstanding. "Business and cultural programmes of the project include 28 cultural events, including four open-airs, 13 exhibitions, two master classes, seven business events. Expositions were prepared together with the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists, the Russian Academy of Arts, and with support of Arkady Plastov's family", - said the Minister.

 Events of the VII International Artist Assembly "The Plastov’s Fall" are traditionally included into the programme of the VII International Cultural Forum "Culture and Business: Creative Capital of a Modern City", which takes place under the auspices of UNESCO on September 14-15.