More than 16 thousand residents of Ulyanovsk participated in the Nation’s Cross-Country Race

The central venues at the biathlon base "Zarya-ULGU" and in Kuzovatovo brought together more than two thousand fans of sport.

  The Ulyanovsk region has joined the All-Russian sports event "Nation’s Cross-Country Race" for the eleventh time. The start of the competition in Ulyanovsk took place at the biathlon base "Zarya-ULGU" and gathered 1100 participants aged from 5 up to 70 years. The Governor Sergey Morozov participated in the opening ceremony.

 “It is not a mere coincidence that one of the main starts of the Nation’s Cross-Country Race takes place at the biathlon base. This territory is a striking example of how we think a proper sports base should look like. Next year we are going to upgrade the route and it will become possible to host All-Russian level subsequently will be enhanced here competitions of the highest level”, - the head of the region emphasized.

 Several runs of different lengths – from 50 meters to 2 kilometers - took place within the event. Maria Antonova and Ruslan Hamidullin, who represented Ulyanovsk school No. 22, inhabitants of the region Ekaterina Solonenko, Nikita Stepanov, Ekaterina Rublyova, as well as a well-known Ulyanovsk marathoner and an International Master of Sports Evgeny Martyanov became the winners.

 “Nation’s Cross-Country Race is a family event. It is very important that parents shpwed their children how important it is to do sport. It is also the most efficient method to distract our children from computers and to make them healthy. It is great that today many families attended the start of the event. And it is always great to see fathers participating in a run along with their  children”, - noted Natalya Shagiyeva, a famous Ulyanovsk runner and an International Master of Sports.

 During the opening ceremony of the Nation’s Cross-Country Race in Ulyanovsk, the Governor Sergey Morozov handed an International Master of Sports of Russia certificate to Svetlana Soluyanova, the winner of a boxing competition, and a Masters of Sports of Russia one to Damir Sharafutdinov, the winner of the recent world arm-wrestling championship. In addition, winners of the kickboxing championship of Europe Egor Romanov and Kirill Mikhaylov, as well as the bronze prize-winners of the rowing championship of Russia Alexey Chechukov and Leonid Artemyev, received bicycles.

In municipal settlements the main start took place in Kuzovatovo. In addition to races, the celebration of veterans also took place here. The list included the honored teacher of Russia, the winner of country championship among veterans Tatyana Kuznetsova, the Master of Sports in track and field athletics Vladimir Kuznetsov and the outstanding worker of popular education Alexander Kurushin.