Team of the Ulyanovsk region is getting ready for the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students

During the event, which will take place in Sochi from 14 to 22 October, the region will be represented by 100 participants and 50 volunteers. In total, the festival will be attended by more than 20 thousand young people from 150 countries of the world.

 “Our main task is to create all conditions for the comprehensive development of young generations, as well as implementation of their ideas and projects. For this purpose, we launched grants competitions. We are always interested in participation of our delegations in district and federal youth educational forums and provide all the necessary support to children. This year, the Ulyanovsk region took the first two places in several projects at the Volga Federal District Youth Forum "iVolga" and the second place at the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Tavrida". The projects presented by children will be implemented in the territory of our region”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov said.

All participants of the World Festival went through several stages of selection. The accepting of application forms lasted from September 2016 to 1 May 2017, and almost 800 participants from the Ulyanovsk region submitted their projects. Only 400 of were accepted for the next stage – an interview, which was conducted by regional experts. Following its results, they selected 100 best representatives of youth non-profit organizations, journalists, as well as creative, sport and working youths, IT specialists and engineers, leaders of youth organizations of political parties, university professors, leaders of student unions, scientists and entrepreneurs.

The first coordination meeting of the delegation took place on 28 September. “The task is to properly represent the Ulyanovsk region at the global event. I am sure that we will have a strong regional programme, while our delegation includes the best dancers, singers, musicians and directors of the region. The Governor will arrive in Sochim, and we will share results of the work at the World Festival. This event will become a serious stimulus for development of various spheres. The budget for 2018 includes money that will be used as grants, and we will continue to support the best youth initiatives financially. For example, after the XXXVI Ball Hockey World Championship, volunteer movement in the region reached a new level. Ulyanovsk State University (ULSU) suggested creating Voluntary Corps. The idea was supported at the Provincial Tender. This project is successfully working on the bases of the university, and that is why ULSU was selected as the platform for training of volunteers”, - said Oksana Solntseva, the Minister of Youth Development of the Ulyanovsk region.

A voluntary corp #World Volunteers (#ВолонтёрыМира) will also work at the festival. It consists of 5000 people from both Russia and other countries. On 27 September, training of volunteers was carried out on the basis of the flagship university, and 50 volunteers of the region took part in orientation and competence-based trainings. Participants were able to develop necessary competences through discussions and other interactive forms of work. These included effective communications, conflict management, organization, team work.

Volunteers for the festival should pass three types of training: a general and orientation one, a functional one and a facility-based one. Their aim is to train volunteers for work at the international event, to create skills of effective cross-cultural communication. On 6 October, Ulyanovsk volunteers will go to Sochi for further training.

The festival's programme includes various platforms like panel discussions and open lecture halls on trending issues of youth policy and international relations,    field events, as well as a number of cultural and creative activities. According to preliminary data, the main topics will be Culture and Globalization, Global Economy, Knowledge-based Economy, Developing Public Institutions, Policy and International Security.