The Ulyanovsk region

The Ulyanovsk region motto: "The Ulyanovsk region is the soul and nation's backbone!" The Ulyanovsk region is «The Aviation Capital of Russia».*

*The Government of the Ulyanovsk region is the official owner of this trademark.

Each territorial entity of the Russian Federation has such national identity attributes as a flag, an emblem and an anthem. The motto of the Ulyanovsk region helps regional attributes be more complete, supplementing and explaining the official emblem.

The motto was chosen in 2012 from among the variants sent by inhabitants of the region for the regional competition "The Motto of the Ulyanovsk region". Experts and users of the Internet performed the voting. The winner of the contest was Egorova Elena Vyacheslavovna.

The wording of the motto resonates with the historical signature of the XVIII century written under the Simbirsk's coat of arms, which is the central element of the Ulyanovsk region's one. The sign "Backed by honor" explained the crowned columns drawn on it. It showed the willingness of Symbirsk inhabitants to serve the Homeland and that the region played a supporting role.

The motto "Soul and Nation's Backbone" demonstrates the importance of the Ulyanovsk region as a homeland of talented people that Russia can always rely on.


General information about the Ulyanovsk region

Administrative center: Ulyanovsk

Federal district: the Volga Federal District

Foundation date: January 19, 1943.

On 20 April 1966, by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the Ulyanovsk region was awarded with the Order of Lenin for achievements in the field of national economy development.

Area (thousand 37,2

Population (thousand people): 1265,1 (2014)

The Ulyanovsk region is a densely populated area. Population density is 28,9 people per 1

Population composition: the Russians (73,6%), the Tatars (12,24%), the Chuvash (7,76%), the Mordovians (3,18%), the Ukrainians (0,86%), etc.

State language: Russian

Governor of the region: A.U.Russkih

Administrative and territorial structure:

Urban districts - 3

Municipal areas - 21

Urban settlements - 31

Rural settlements - 112.


The Ulyanovsk region is located in the center of the Middle Volga, in the southeast of the European part of Russia. The advantageous geographical position in the center of industrially developed and densely populated Volga Federal District makes the region an attractive center for logistics and transport schemes of federal and international level.

The region has a high consumer potential. In the west, it borders on the Penza region and the Republic of Mordovia, in the north - on the Chuvash and Tatarstan Republics, in the east - on the Samara region, and in the south - on the Saratov region. The distance between Ulyanovsk and Moscow is 875 km. The square footage is  37.2 thousand sq. km (0.22% of the area of the Russian Federation). Main rivers: the Volga, the Sviyaga, the Sura, the Cheremshan. The length of the Volga River in the region is more than 200 km. the Climate is moderately continental. The average January temperature is between -12.5 and -14. The average temperature in July varies from +18 to +20.  Soil consists of black earth (25.6%) and grey forest ones (44.5%). Forests cover 28 % of the territory.


The Ulyanovsk Region is a big transport junction. Through the region run air-, railway and automobile communications in all directions within Russia, as well as international airlines, connecting the Volga Region with Europe, Middle Asia, Middle East and China. There are two river ports in Ulyanovsk on both sides of the Volga. Ulyanovsk is the only city in the Volga Federal District with two “A” Class airports that allow to accept aircrafts of all types.


Over the last 12 years, there have been an increase of the main socio-economic indicators in the Ulyanovsk region. Thus, the economy is characterized by a high degree of industrial development. The main branch of the Ulyanovsk region's industry is machine building (more than 50% of the total production volume). The major branches also include aircraft engineering, automobile construction, machine tool building, electrical and transport engineering.

Over the past 10 years, the region has shown a positive index of industrial production. The Ulyanovsk region is among the few Russian territories that have never experienced the reduction of industrial production.

In 2015, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov was the first among the heads of territorial entities of the Russian Federation to suggest implementation of a risk-oriented model of government control. The Federal Government supported this initiative. Before this, the Ulyanovsk region was selected as a pilot site to test new approaches to organization of business inspections. Today, this model is used in all territorial entities of the Russian Federation.


Russia's largest aircraft enterprise AO "Aviastar-SP" located in the Ulyanovsk region focuses on production of heavy transport aircrafts Il-76MD-90A and is curently working on the prototype of a fuel tanker Il-78M-90A. In addition, the plant carries out interior installation and tests systems of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircrafts. Aviastar-SP is one of the key cooperants for production of the new short- and medium-haul passenger aircraft MS-21, as well as a light transport plane Il-112V. The company also continues to build aircrafts of the Tu-204 line, and provides maintenance for the transport aircraft An-124 "Ruslan".

In the region, there is a plant of "AeroComposit-Ulyanovsk", which was the first in the world to use a vacuum infusion method and automated dry carbon filler laying for the manufacture of power components of composite wing structures.

OOO "UAZ" is the largest off-road vehicles producer in Eastern Europe. Since August 2005, the enterprise has started mass production of the new full-size comfortable  SUV "UAZ Patriot". In 2016, the company launched a brand new UAZ "Patriot" that got a whole new set of features. Over the 75-year existence, the plant has produced millions of cars that are use dnot only in Russia but also abroad. AO "Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant" produces world famous air defense systems. AO "Ulyanovsk motor plant" is one of the major machine-building enterprises of Russia to manufacture power units of different modifications for cargo, passenger and multi-purpose GAZ-vehicles.

The second-largest city of the region is Dimitrovgrad, where a nuclear-generated innovation cluster has been established. It includes OAO "RIIAR" (Research Institute of Atomic Reactors) which is the largest institute for nuclear reactor research in Europe. It is also planned to establish a radiopharmaceutical center and plant, as well as a specialized industrial park.

A Russian-Chinese cluster of medical equipment manufacturers is under development, which will be located in the territory of the special economic zone in the Ulyanovsk region.

Investment attractiveness

According to Doing Business in Russia-2012, a ranking carried out by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, Ulyanovsk ranked first on doing business among Russian cities. According to the results of a study conducted  by the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce in 2012, the Ulyanovsk region was one of the top three regions that are most investment-attractive for German companies. In 2013, the Ulyanovsk region was included into the number of regions, which are leaders on attractiveness for doing business according to the the national ranking “Pulse of Business” ("Puls Biznesa") - a joint project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), Public Opinion Foundation and Russian News Agency (ITAR-TASS). In January 2014, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov acted as an expert at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Ulyanovsk region takes the leading position in the National Rating of investment climate in the Russian Federation four years in a row (in 2017, the region ranked 10th out of 85). Thanks to development of a public-private partnership in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region and implementation of the Regional PPP-standard, the Ulyanovsk region was included in the group of regions with a high level of development (Ranking of Russian Regions on the Level of PPP Development in 2014-2015), taking 12th place and showing a record result among Russian regions.

The total investment received in the period from 2005 to 2016 (inclusive) was more than 600 billion rubles. Such large international companies as DMG MORI, Nemak Rus, Mars, HEMPEL, Bridgestone and others came to the region.

In 2016, 27 investors with an investment volume of about 135 billion rubles were attracted to the territory of the Ulyanovsk region. It is expected that more than 7 thousand new jobs will be created. The projects cover a wide range of industries – manufacture of aircraft and automotive components, food industry, production of building materials and combustive-lubricating materials, chemical industry, instrument engineering and many other.

Today 66 investment projects with a total investment of 79.9 billion and 7318 new jobs are in the active phase of implementation. In 2017, facilities are to be commissioned under at least eight investment projects. Fourteen companies are going to start construction in the framework of projects, which will create about 22 million new jobs.

The Ulyanovsk region has an extensive network of infrastructure facilities. The most successful among them are the industrial park "Zavolzhye" and the special economic zone "Ulyanovsk". Municipal industrial parks are under development, as well as the special social and economic development area in Dimitrovgrad. The government of the Ulyanovsk region continues to provide measures of state support to investors in the form of tax benefits (51 investors have used them since 2011).

In 2016, the Ulyanovsk region became the first territory of the Russian Federation to sign a special investment contract. The state represented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Government of Ulyanovsk region shall ensure a stable support of the project, and the investor - a Japanese-German company "DMG MORI" - is to develop machine-tool production by increasing turnout and establishing an engineering center. It will allow Ulyanovsk manufacturers to create domestic machinery and equipment using modern Japanese and German technology.


Tourism in the Ulyanovsk region has been developing in three main directions: health tourism, historical and cultural tourism, and event tourism.

Ulyanovsk is the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin in the first place. Here one can find the Lenin memorial - the largest museum dedicated to the outstanding leader’s life. The historic center of the city includes 15 museums, which belong to the State Historical and Memorial Reserve-Museum «Homeland of Vladimir Lenin».

Many interregional and internationsl tourist festivals, such as "The Volga way", "Volga Quest", an IT-forum "Stachka", a Film Festival "With all my heart" in the memory of Valentina Leontyeva, a festival "Plastovskaya osen" and others take place within the territory of the Ulyanovsk region.

One of the main tourist "megaprojects" of the Ulyanovsk region are "Red Route" and "Museum of USSR". The Ulyanovsk region is also famous for the Museum of Civil Aviation, the Museum of Paleontology, the Arkady Plastov Estate Museum and different sights related to I.A. Goncharov.

In the Ulyanovsk region one can find mineral water sources in the village of Undory. There are several health centers such as "Dubki", "Sanatorium named after Vladimir Lenin", "Pribrezhniy" and "Beliy Yar", where they have developed and now successfully apply specialized programmes to treat various diseases by means of unique mineral water with high organic content.

In 2016, the tourist flow to the Ulyanovsk region totaled more than 430 thousand people, including more than 18 thousand foreign tourists. It is growing by 15-20% every year.