"Socio-economic development of the Ulyanovsk region in the first half of 2011"



In the first half of 2011 a full range of organizations have shipped goods of own production in the amount of 77085.3 million.

Index of industrial production has made 109.9% (in Russia - 105.3%). According to this indicator the Ulyanovsk region has taken 7th place in the PFD. For the first time for the entire period of 2011 the Ulyanovsk region has reached the pre-crisis production volume and even has exceeded them by nearly 1% (100.9%).

PFD Regions: Tatarstan (106.6%), Udmurtia (105.8%), Saratov (111.6%), the Chuvash Republic (117.5%), the Samara region (113.5%), Mordovia (107.2%).




The main economic activities


1. Mining - 99%, oil - 97.7% compared to last year.

2. Processing industries - 113%. Including an increase in production:

• production of food, beverages and tobacco - 106.5%. Increased production of meat and meat products (144.4%), dairy products (105.1%), vegetable and animal oils and fats (141.3%), fodder for animals (145.9%), beverages (125.9 %), etc.;

• manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products - 120%. Iron and steel pipes (180.4%), primary processing of iron and steel (by 2.1 times),nonferrous metals (160.6%), other fabricated metal products (by 2.9 times)

  • machinery and equipment - 105.1%. Growth in production of machines (103%), mechanical equipment (104.2%), other machinery and special purpose equipment (2.2 p.), other special purpose equipment (115.0%);

• production of electrical and optical equipment - 112.1%, due to growth in manufacturing electrical equipment (by 2.0 times), electrical and radio-elements (135.1%), other electrical equipment (131.0%);

  • production of vehicles and equipment - 124.5%. Cars (134.4%), parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines (120.3%).

• production of rubber and plastic products - 144.8%, including production of rubber products (107.8%), plastic products (146.4%);

• production of other nonmetallic mineral products - 102.8%. The production of cement, lime and plaster (133.0%), concrete products, plaster and cement (103.8%);


Reduction of production:

  • textile production and textile products - 78.3%, due to reducing textile fibers (30.5%), knitwear (71.3%), etc.;
  • wood processing and manufacturing of wood products - 97.9%, by reducing sawing and planing of wood, impregnation of wood (86.2%), manufacture of veneer, plywood, boards, panels (98.1%)
  • Pulp and paper production - 82.9%. Reduction of publishing activities (88.8%), printing activities and services in this field (78.1%);

1. Electricity, gas and water: production and destribution - 101.6%. Electricity production (102.7%) and heat (100.5%).




Inflation rate (by December) - 105.5% (RF - 105%). The rate of inflation compared to the same period in 2008 has decreased by 4.3%

PFD Regions by December: Tatarstan (104.8%), Chuvash Republic (105.3%), Penza region (104.7%), Udmurtia (105.2%), Mari El (104.8%).





The index of agricultural production has reached its peak this year and has amounted to 107.9%. Crop. The total cultivated area of ​​crop yield in 2011 in all categories of farms has made 988.7 thousand hectares, which is 3.9% more than was sown for the harvest of last year. Livestock. The number of cattle by July 1, 2011 has been by 0.5% more than last year; meat production has increased by 13.3%, eggs - by 9.2%.






The volume of work performed in the field of "Construction" - 107.7%, which corresponds to the 9th place in the PFD. Russia - 100.9%

PFD Regions: Bashkortostan (92.5%), Perm (86.7%), Kirov region (120.8%), Penza region (121.6%), Tatarstan (105.6%).














Commissioned housing - 200.5 sq.m or 121.3% - 4th place in the PFD. The 2008 level has been exceeded by more than 28 000 square meters, or by 18.4%. People at their own expense have built 875 houses with total area of ​​149.5 square meters, accounting for 74.6% of total housing construction.

PFD Regions: Tatarstan (124.8%), Orenburg region (85.9%), Bashkortostan (103.1%), Udmurtia (98.4%), Saratov region (100.5%), Samara region (125 1%).



Transportation and Communications


The transportation of goods. In January-June 2011 the total volume of freight transport by enterprises has amounted to 4444.2 thousand tons, 19.6% more than last year, turnover increased by 16.3% and has amounted to 2887.9 million ton-km.

The total volume of communication services provided by all communication organizations is evaluated (without VAT) to make 4238.3 million rubles, including services provided to the population - 2805.8 mln.rub. Compared to last year their volume at constant prices has increased by 7.8%, the volume of services - by 6.3%.



Consumer Market


Retail trade turnover has amounted to 55494.2 million rubles. or 106.5%, including:

- Food products - 105,4%

- Non-food goods - 108.1%.

The structure of retail trade was dominated by food products, whose share has made 51.0%.

According to the index of retail trade turnover in the PFD the Ulyanovs











The volume of paid services has amounted to - 15352.8 mln.rub. or 104.8%.

The position of the Ulyanovsk region in the Volga Federal District - 5th place. The share of services provided by enterprises and organizations - 85.3%, by entrepreneurs - 14.7%.

k region has taken the 6th place.






 Living Standard



Registered unemployment rate continues to decline - 1.14%, whereas in January it was still 1.33%. The planned reduction in the unemployment rate is provided both with the season of public- and agricultural activities, and active implementation of programs to support employment. Despite the low rate among regional manicipalties, the highest level of registered unemployment (accessing 2.0%) is registered in the Nikolaevsky district (2.34%). The minimum level of unemployment was recorded in the districts of Veshkayma (0.58%), Novospasskoe (0.78%) and Dimitrovgrad (0.7%).



PFD Regions: Tatarstan (1.58%), Chuvash Republic (1.6%), Perm region(2.03%), Samara region. (1.71%), Saratov region (1.3%). The Ulyanovsk region has taken 2nd place in the PFD.


Average monthly wages (as estimated) is 14 350 rubles. or 112.4%. In nominal terms, it exceeds the 2008 level by 4308 rubles or 142.9%. Analyzing the situation on the industries, we can say that today a good rate of wage growth is observed in the whole manufacturing industry (120.4%), mining (122.2%), wholesale and retail trade (117.2%), and etc.

Per capita income has averaged 13,026 rubles, expenses - 12212.8 rubles. In the first half of 2011 income has increased compared with the previous year by 12.5% ​​and expenditures - by 15.3%. The increase in revenues was due to: increase revenues from business activities by 6.4%, payments of salaries - 8.5%, social benefits - 8.3%, other income - 33.0%. .

Arrears of wages per month by 1 July has made 6.0 million rubles or 99.2% by the beginning of June. Among the major debtors are: TOSP LLC "Construction Company" Iguana "(3.9 million rubles), which is almost 60% of average debt in the region. In nominal terms, the region's debt is still among the lowest - 3rd place in the PFD.




In January-June 2011, the number of births was 6404 persons. The number of births per 1,000 ppl is 10.0 (in 2010 - 10.4).

The number of deaths has reached 10 023, 15.7 deths - per 1,000 people (in 2010 - 15.8).





Minister of Economy                                                           О.V. Asmus