More than 330 million rubles were allocated from the budget of the Ulyanovsk region for social support of the population

More than 220 thousand people received payments.

 According to the regional Ministry of Health, Family Affairs and Social Services, approximately 89 million rubles have been used for monthly payments and compensations for expenses on housing and utility services. They were provided to labour veterans, home front workers and rehabilitees. More than 82 million rubles have been transferred to labour veterans of the Ulyanovsk region and over 49 million rubles - to foster care families. About 38 million rubles have been given to residents of the Ulyanovsk region for subsidy payments, as well as compensation of apartment rent and payments for public utility services. More than 15.5 million rubles have been provided to large families; 14.3 million rubles have been used as monthly social allowances and 11.3 million rubles - as social benefits for multiple births. In addition, 5.3 million rubles have been allocated to teachers in rural areas. Inhabitants of the region, who found themselves in difficult life situations, received 4.8 million rubles; and socially vulnerable groups were provided with 1.3 million rubles to compensate their expanses on trips from homes to dachas.