More than 13 million seedlings were planted in the woods of the Ulyanovsk region in the Year of Ecology

The main reforestation activities were carried out in forests of Baryshsky, Nikolaev and Kuzovatovsky districts. This year, Scots Pine seedlings have been planted in the area of over 2080 hectares.

 “In the Year of Ecology, it is really important to preserve and increase the amount of forests in Russia. Thanks to the high level of professionalism and active participation of experts of the forest industry, we are able to preserve and increase the country’s natural wealth. This year we have adopted a number of the federal laws that are important for the forest sector. They enhance opportunities for forest fire and illegal logging prevention”, – the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

According to the experts of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources of the Ulyanovsk region, in 2017 artificial forest regeneration was carried out at the area of 1612.6 hectares, while the planned volume was only 1500 hectares; natural forest regeneration covered the area of 467.4 hectares (the planned volume - 200 hectares). In addition, in order to restore the initial forest plantation density, new trees were planted on the area of 2949.9 hectares. Soil cultivation was carried out on the forest land of 1500 hectares.

“It is planned to carry out a lot of reforestation activities in the Ulyanovsk region in 2018. Artificial forest regeneration will cover the area of 1500 hectares; interplanting – 2700 hectares; tending of plantations – 8530 hectares. In addition, will be planted in forest nurseries of the region. We have developed a draft of the Development of Forest Selected Seed Production and Forest Nursery Programme, which will help to preserve forest seed farming. Its purpose is to start mass production of forest seeds with valuable heritable characteristics”, – said Mikhail Semyonkin, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to him, the common planting material, which was grown in forest nurseries, was used when planting trees.