Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov has set new focus areas for the Migration Policy Coordination Council

The head of the region held the meeting on 28 November.

 Sergey Morozov designated members of the council to develop a mechanism to reduce out-migration, as well as to think how they could return people who moved out of the Ulyanovsk region. Another important topic included attraction of qualified personnel from other regions.

"We have to change our migration policy urgently in order to attract to the region as many inhabitants as possible; Russians in the first place. We have a really good geographical location, as well as positive ecological and economic situation, which is proved by the majority of ratings. We have one of the lowest  unemployment rates in the Russian Federation. That is why our other task is to make the people who have once moved to other regions come back to their birthplace", - the Governor Sergey Morozov said.

According to the experts of the Agency for Human Development and Labor Force, in 2006 negative migration balance of the region made 4046 people, in 2016 this indicator was reduced to 737.

“Every week the number of workplaces is growing. Since the beginning of the year, we have created 21.5 thousand jobs; 7.5 thousand of them are high-performance ones. The number of jobs available in the region is about ten thousand, which is by 3.4 times more than the number of registered unemployed citizens. We have all the necessary conditions to return specialists to our region and to prevent their out-migration”, - the head of the Agency Denis Gerasimov reported.

In addition, participants of the meeting discussed the issue of student migration. “According to the research that was conducted this year, about 93% of ninth-graders and 67.5% of eleventh-graders are planning to attend Ulyanovsk educational institutions. Of course, we still have time to improve this situation. For this purpose, now we are introducing new forms of professional orientation at schools, and our universities are using new approaches to attract graduates. In addition, in the nearest future we will create a working group, which will analyze changes in educational migration in each municipality and each educational organization”, - said the First Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Uba.