Ulyanovsk residents were among winners of the III National Championship on professional skill among people with disabilities "Abilympics-2017"

The competition is held to carry out May Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Results of professional contests were summed up in Moscow in early December.

 This year, 900 winners of regional stages from 75 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation competed for the title of the best. Competitions are held in public format in a similar way to the WorldSkills Young Professionals championship. Abilympics provides people with disabilities with the opportunity to meet potential employers who participate in the event as experts.

This year participants competed in 59 competences. The team of the Ulyanovsk region performed well in a number of spheres. Ekaterina Artyukhova, a student of the Ulyanovsk pharmaceutical college, took the second place in the Medical and Laboratory Analysis nomination. Natalya Chernikova, a specialist of the regional office of All-Russian Society of the Deaf, became the third in the Tailor nomination.

"Today this project is the only platform in Russia where children with disabilities can show their professional skills. Providing physically disabled people with professional education is one of our priorities. Prior to his departure, the Governor Sergey Morozov gave us a task to create a local center for development of this movement in the Ulyanovsk region, as well as coordination councils that will consist of employers from Abilimpiks championships. They will help participants of the competition to find employment", - said Natalya Semyonova, the Minister of Education and Science.

Participants received support from regional trainers during the whole competition. According to the mentor of the student from the pharmaceutical college, intensive training before the competition helped to achieve this great result.

“We have been training with Ekaterina Artyukhova for almost several months, and during this time we have learned to understand each other. Even though there was a sign language interpreter, the contestant was not allowed to communicate with the expert while performing a task. However, it did not affect the quality of work, and Ekaterina was able to become one of the winners. In our competence participants had to complete five practical assignments according to the established instructions and standards. First, it was necessary to prepare the right disinfecting solution for hygienic researches, to determine temperature and air humidity in the room, as well as to measure its light intensity. Then the participants had to carry out streptococcus test and to check erythrocyte sedimentation rate”, - the mentor Ekaterina Chikmaryova said.

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Abilympics is the international non-profit movement which purpose is to promote the image of blue-collar jobs and to develop professional education through harmonization of the best practices and professional standards around the world.