December 25 is Christmastime for western Christians

Dear residents of Ulyanovsk, Catholics and Protestants!
I heartily wish you a Merry Christmas!

 Millions of believers wait for this great holiday, do acts of genuine kindness, help those in need.

Catholics and Lutherans, as well as people who practice other branches of Christianity, are a part of a friendly and active multi-religious community of the Ulyanovsk region. They do their best to promote peace and cooperation between representatives of different religions and peoples of our region. Through joint efforts, we create bright future for our Homeland, which is also a part of our great Russia.

Dear fellow countrymen! On the eve of this special holiday, I want to wish you peace and prosperity, wellbeing, happiness and good health!

Governor of the Ulyanovsk region                                                                 

S.I. Morozov