Ulyanovsk residents have become a part of the initiative group to support Vladimir Putin’s self-nomination

It was created during the event that took place in Moscow on 26 December.

 The initiative group includes 668 people - the leading figures from culture, medicine and education, members of production associations and political parties, social activists, athletes. Among them are representatives of the Ulyanovsk region, such as Vasily Gvozdev, the First Deputy Secretary of the Ulyanovsk department of the United Russia; Tamara Devyatkina, a member of the regional Public Chamber, the rector of the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University; Alexey Sitnikov, a member of the regional office of All-Russia People’s Front; Vladislav Tretiak, the Deputy of the State Duma, a member of United Russia party.

According to the legislation, it is required that a meeting of the initiative group is attended by at least 500 citizens of the Russian Federation with voting rights. This is a mandatory procedure for independent candidates after which they can submit documents to the Central Electoral Commission.

As Vasily Gvozdev notes, the venue is very significant. “The Russia My History pavilion is the place that shows history of our Homeland in different time periods. It is really good that the meeting was carried out in the really open format. Any person could express their opinion and position on the issue. I was also happy to see that the event was attended by a large number of young and active people, who already understand the importance of the forthcoming events and want to determine their own future and the country's one. After the meeting, all participants made the unanimous decision to nominate President Vladimir Putin to run  presidential election in the March 2018”, - said Vasily Gvozdev, the First Deputy Secretary of the Ulyanovsk department of the United Russia.

Vladislav Tretiak, the Deputy of the State Duma and a member of United Russia party, was also a part of the initiative group. “We have a strong President and our country needs such leader in the future”, - he noted.

The United Russia Party congress, which took place in Moscow from 22 to 23 December, supported President Vladimir Putin’s nomination for the presidential election that is planned for the 18 March 2018. “Today many countries experience a governance crisis because they do not have strong leaders. Our country is lucky because we have such a leader. This is our President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. His decision to become the national candidate was correct. Relying on all levels of the population, he will be able to solve the problems facing the country more efficiently and to make Russia a prosperous and strong State”, - noted Vyacheslav Volodin, the Chairman of the State Duma.