Innovative educational center to be founded at the Ulyanovsk school No. 72

A concept of development for this organization was shown to the Governor Sergey Morozov

 School No. 72 is the largest educational institution in the regional center and has more than 1700 students. Priority projects of social importance, which will receive financing from municipal and regional budgets, will be implemented here. The best conceptual approaches are to be included in the unique development programme of the school”, - Sergey Morozov said.

At the request of the Governor, a working group was created in late December that would develop the concept of development for the high school No. 72. The group consists of active teachers and parents of students who study in this educational institution, representatives of the regional Ministry of Education and Science, Education Authority and Ulyanovsk City Administration, deputies and members of the school board.

Today the concept comprises three main areas. These include development of the modern industry-specific training, creation of special conditions and specialized centers at school No. 72, as well as providing a health saving environment for children.

According to the Minister of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk region Natalya Semyonova, parents' opinion and the best traditions of this school will be considered when preparing the development programme. "This school successfully implements humanitarian, physical and mathematical, chemical and biological specialized training forms. It was offered to add the IT one. The municipality has offered to improve specialized training for development of professional skills. This can be achieved through establishment of a specialized center in accordance with the international WorldSkills Standards. The development concept will be finalized by March 2018", - Natalya Semyonova said.

In addition, there is an idea to modernize the school territory to create an open health saving environment. One of the options is to build a Sports and Recreation Center with an indoor ice rink. This will also include speed skating and figure skating clubs.

Representatives of the teacher community also support future development of school. “The programme that will be prepared will improve both the quality of education and teachers’ professional development. We want to have the Sports and Recreation Center constructed in the territory of the school. This will benefit children, teachers and people who live in the residential district. I am sure that it is necessary not only to keep specialized training forms  but also to expand them”, - said Natalya Dukhlenkova, a Physics teacher of high school No. 72.

During the event, the head of the region also congratulated the educational institution on its 30th anniversary and presented the certificate worth 100 thousand rubles.