Farmers of the Ulyanovsk region have started preparation for the spring sowing campaign

Readiness for the farming period was discussed at the meeting on 15 January. This year the total area under crops in farms of all categories will make over 1 million 25 thousand hectares, in agricultural and farm enterprises – at least 990 thousand hectares.

During the meeting, the Governor Sergey Morozov emphasized that results of the agricultural year will greatly depend on the quality and timely spring sowing campaign. According to him, the major task is to keep the acreage at least at the same level as the one in the previous year.

“Grain and leguminous cultures will take 583.3 thousand hectares, among which 286.5 thousand hectares will be used for winter crops and 296.8 thousand hectares - for summer ones. It is planned to place sunflower seeds on the area of 215 thousand hectares, sugar beet – on 13.2 thousand hectares. Forage crops will take the area of 159.7 thousand hectares, potatoes and vegetables – two thousand hectares and 1.81 thousand hectares respectively. In total, it is planned to carry out spring sowing on the area of 694.8 thousand hectares, and 236 thousand hectares will be used for fallow land”, – reported the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources of the Ulyanovsk region Mikhail Semyonkin to the head of the region.

The head of the relevant agency also noted that regional farms must have almost 62 thousand tons of seeds to carry out spring sowing campaign. Summer cultures will make approximately 62 thousand tons. As of January 15, regional farms already have nearly 64 thousand tons of seeds (103.3% of the required amount). Last year agricultural enterprises had about 60.7 thousand tons.

Currently agricultural enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region are signing supply agreements for mineral fertilizers. It is planned to purchase 65 thousand tons of raw materials to carry out spring field works. The main supply of fertilizers is expected in the period of March-May.

According to the specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture, now agricultural enterprises of the region are repairing agricultural implements and preparing the machine and tractor fleet. Today they have 4101 tractors, 1554 plows, 2498 seeders and 2088 cultivators. Readiness of farm machinery is by 8% higher in comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year.