Russia's first wind farm built in the Ulyanovsk region has started to supply the wholesale electricity market

The wind power plant of the Finnish company "Fortum" has been included in the power register since January 2018.

“The Ulyanovsk region is the Russia's first platform to start implementation of the project on construction of an industrial wind farm with the capacity of 35 MW. It is very important to us that we cooperate with the major international corporation, which is an expert in the alternative energy. The company invested over 5 billion rubles in the project, – said the head of the region Sergey Morozov. – It is also important that later we will create a maintenance system for this wind farm; and so, new hi-tech jobs and unique competences will be introduced in the Ulyanovsk region. In addition, the project will greatly affect the gross regional product as electric power will be sold, and the investor will provide the regional budget with over 100 million rubles of tax payments on the annual basis”.

According to Sergey Vasin, the CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, this project will also introduce additional opportunities for regional companies and development of the international cooperation. "Just recently we have signed an agreement with the Danish company "Vestas" on placement of a blades production for wind generators in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region. Thus, we will implement in the region and master a new competence on production of components for the wind power industry", – he noted.

Fortum and RUSNANO have chosen Vestas as a technology partner. The components made in the Ulyanovsk region will be used while building wind farms in Russia.

In addition, new spheres have been created in education. Ulyanovsk State Technical University together with ULNANOTECH have opened a Wind Energy Technology department. ULSTU also provides training of specialists at the Wind Power Systems and Complexes department.

The Ulyanovsk region continues construction of new wind farms. The Development Corporation has carried out wind monitoring in three districts. Now it is working to analyze the received reports and to select platforms for construction of new farms. In the next few years, it will help to increase the total capacity of the region up to 600-700 MW.