Russian business ombudsman Boris Titov proposed to create "a cluster of economy of simple things" in the Ulyanovsk region

The business ombudsman mentioned capacity of the region in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises' development. In particular, he explained that Ulyanovsk woodworking and furniture production are developed to a good level. They can become the base for development of the whole industry.

On 19 January, Boris Titov came to the region with a working visit. He met the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov and they discussed entrepreneur support and reform of oversight activities.

The Presidential Commissioner congratulated inhabitants of the region on the 75th anniversary of the region's formation. “You are celebrating not just a common holiday but the one with good results. The Ulyanovsk region is developing today creating a market-driven, competitive, and independent economy. Unfortunately, the crisis has influenced the inflow of foreign investments. Nevertheless, we can say that this process continues, and your region has become the place that is attractive for foreign investors”, - emphasized the business ombudsman. He also highlight the work carried out by the region within the reform of oversight activities. “We have a created a center of competence in this field in the Ulyanovsk region. We conduct work in several spheres of oversight activities and have several types of monitoring procedures. We reduce the requirements and test them in practice”, - Boris Titov noted.

The governor Sergey Morozov said that now the Ulyanovsk region carries out active work to create so-called checklists, which state control (supervision) agencies will use. “It is important for us not only to reduce the number of inspection authorities but also to avoid the nonsense information that sometimes guides them. For this reason, we are reviewing the project on implementation of checklists to find any excessive requirements. In addition, in our work we are using experience provided by the Commissioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights of the Russian Federation. So, we have made the decision not to focus on investment attraction as it is, but to pay more attention to the enterprises that can create hi-tech, highly paid jobs and are ready to do it now”, - the head of the region noted.

According to Boris Titov, the Ulyanovsk region has almost created "a cluster of economy of simple things". "Ulyanovsk already has a cluster of furniture production - historically it was developed long ago. Today we need to legalize it. So firstly, it is necessary to create good administrative conditions so that entrepreneurs could easily register, pay taxes, and take their names off the register. Secondly, they need to have access to financing and credits. And the most important thing is to remove responsibility for the past deeds from entrepreneurs who are ready to come out of the shadow. All of them live in fear; in fear that a tax agency will come and expose their illegal work. If we legalize them, the Ulyanovsk region will get a really unique cluster of economy of simple things connected with woodworking and the furniture industry", - the business ombudsman suggested.